Next-Gen.Biz: How The Industry's Eating Itself Alive

Tom Ivan of Next-Gen.Biz writes: Deadline Games CEO Chris Mottes says that a commercially immature videogame industry has adopted publishing models that shun originality and innovation, and which choke the true lifeblood of the sector, independent studios,

First and foremost, says Mottes, the pure cost risk factor faced by an independent developer, where one failure can break a studio, is a key hurdle to be negotiated.

"[The cost] just to develop the concept to a point where publishers will take an interest is huge." Factor in the "safety net of having your own technology", as Deadline does, "and that increases the cost incredibly.

"By the time you're presenting a project [to prospective publishers] on a next-gen platform you're spending at least a couple of million dollars as a studio.

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