Black Ops 2 is actually kind of fun

"Today I bring to you something I stumbled across during my usual adventures on Xbox Live. Something so awesome that at first, I didn’t realise what it was until it had happened a few times, and what’s more, I found it in a game I normally try my absolute best to avoid; Call of Duty Black Ops 2." by Martin Toney

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Majin-vegeta2002d ago


You call this fun??Lol enjoy.

cpayne932002d ago

I don't like cod online either but that doesn't mean I have to whine about it in every cod article.

3-4-52002d ago

Too many people jump on bandwagons.

Whatever is popular to say, people on their blogsites will say it.

In all reality, this is probably the BEST COD game yet in terms of content and quality of play, along with maps.

It's not perfect and we are all honestly ready for the Next Gen shooters and what they have to offer, but that doesn't detract from Black Ops 2 being an awesome game.

MariaHelFutura2002d ago

Alot of people do entirely enjoy playing COD..... I'm just not one of them. But those who do, do your thing.

charted2002d ago

COD has it own fun factor compared to other fps games mainly BF3. To me the main fun factor for COD games are when you have mates over you can just play 4 player split screen and vs each other. BF3 does not allow that. But what BF3 cater is a massive online maps to play. Thats BF3's fun factor. Each game has it own fun factor.

Most people who hate either of these games are headless chocks who just despise one or the other by following the crowd. If you dont have friends coming over (or none at all), then that is a different issue.

cpayne932002d ago

Yeah the thing cod has over bf is the local multiplayer for sure. I hated the online for mw3, but that survival mode is really fun with splitscreen. They have different reasons to like them.

ahronith2002d ago

I have not been enjoying the last few CoDs, but i will admit Black Ops 2 is probably the most fun with CoD ive had since World at War.

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carson_le_great2002d ago

anti COD fanboys are the most annoying fanboys in video games. i don't even own the game but jesus get a life

MikeMyers2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Well since this topic is talking about how some actually enjoy playing Black Ops II ( or any Call of Duty games for that matter), it is our duty to level the playing field and whine about how all the games are the same and rush out to MetaCritic and give the game a 0 (or if we are feeling extremely generous that day a 1) without even playing it and troll every article on N4G about the series even in topics that don't mention the franchise. Am I cool or what?

Statix2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

I'm not a COD anti-fanboy at all. I enjoyed COD4 and Black Ops 1 a lot. Of course, the series recently went down the shitter in terms of online gameplay, ever since they added horrible lag compensation to MW3 and Black Ops 2, rendering the game unplayable and rage-inducing at times.

It is also my personal opinion that Battlefield 3 is a far superior game. I don't by any means hate COD on an automatic basis, however. If they can ever patch out the crappy lag of Black Ops 2, I can actually see it being quite a polished, fun, and competitive online shooter. As it stands, I sold it after 2 days because the lag compensation issues killed all enjoyment for me. I don't enjoy going negative k/d in every game, sorry.

roadkillers2002d ago

Its kind of fun... I'm a big fan of One in the Chamber.

Dovahkiin2002d ago

I agree, there is no denying that it is fun. One in the chamber is great, as is gun game.

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