Next-Gen.Biz: January NPD Stats Review

Matt Matthews of writes: PlayStation 3 capitalized on Xbox 360 and Wii shortages in January. Will its success be short-lived, or will it continue after its competitors reappear on store shelves? Matt Matthews breaks down the numbers.

Outside of the holiday months of November and December, Sony had its best month in recent history. Perhaps more importantly, PlayStation 3 sales were on par with Wii sales and ahead of Xbox 360 sales, breaking a trend over a year old. Neither the Xbox 360 nor the Wii distinguished itself this month, coming in lower than expectations set by last year's sales.

Judging from the surprising slate of numbers, 2008 could deliver more of the drama we enjoyed in 2007.

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lucifer___3802d ago

ps3 will sell more than the ps2 in its life time. wii will also put up great number and the xbox will make 10 new sku this year all having the same rrod....

wiizy3802d ago

im sure there will be plenty wii's in the u.s next week and the whole month of march to deal with the release of smash bros.

heyheyhey3802d ago

good point- Wii will swiftly regain its massive lead with SSBB

i don't think anyone can tell the outcome of the PS3vs360 battle- was it just an off-month for the 360 due to shortages? or is the PS3 really picking up steam?

personally i predict the latter, but predictions are a funny thing

LaChance3802d ago

why is your name lucifer ?
God is stronger than lucifer even lucifer himself knows it

Bathyj3801d ago

There is no XB shortage !!!

Just a shortage of PEOPLE who STILL want to buy one.

Qbanboi3801d ago

Until the RROD of the 360 dont go down to like 2% of the Ps3 i'm not planing to buy on. Better yet, i play my friends one.

Good job Ps3. Keep it coming.

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