GDC08: Interview with Bit Blot's Derek Yu and Alec Holowka

The Game Developers Conference is finally here, which is probably one of my favorite times of the year (even beats Christmas!). My last GDC experience was quite interesting because for the conference that week I was staying at Derek Yu's place, along with his Bit Blot partner Alec Holowka down from Canada. It just happened to be that was the year they entered their underwater fantasy game Aquaria into the IGF.

It also just happened to be that they won the IGF Grand Prize in front of some of the biggest names in games.

Since then, they've gotten a lot of attention for Aquaria, their company's first game, while they've been hard at work to finishing and finally releasing Aquaria last December. Both of them carry indie pride, now more than ever. Derek is also the fearless leader of The Independent Gaming Source, a blog and community that reviews and discusses indie games as players and developers.

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