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The Xbox 720 or How Next-Gen Could be Defined by Sound

Vincent Deshaies from GameFocus.ca talks about a possibly very interesting feature Microsoft seems to be working on for the next Xbox, as well as why graphical improvements aren't enough to incite people to go next-gen. (Microsoft, Next-Gen, Tag Invalid, Tech)

Vinc360  +   590d ago
Personally I think this would be an amazing feature for me, since I live in an apartment building with no room for surround (and I would just annoy my neighbors). Is it enough for me to buy an Xbox 720 or whatever? Combined with good games, improved graphics and all the usual bells and whistles, YES!
BananaEatingSquid  +   590d ago
I definitely think directional sound could be an improvement for next-gen consoles. Of course, I am interested in seeing better graphics too. I want to have a game that's REALLLLY immersive. :) Anyway, this is interesting. I'm looking forward to the 720 and PS4!
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Vinc360  +   590d ago
One has to wonder what they'll even do for the generation AFTER the next xbox/ps4... but lets not get ahead of ourselves... lol
unworthy15  +   590d ago
Immersion is definitely the key
Vinc360  +   590d ago
Wait, I know. Virtual reality glasses. Gotta keep the dream alive, man.
unworthy15  +   590d ago
Totally agree
BananaEatingSquid  +   590d ago
When are we going to get those virtual reality headsets that allow us to be put into any game we want? ... Or an Xbox that has the power of teleportation, you simply place your hand on it and you're where you want to be.

I did hear about someone who made their SNES into a toaster. That's pretty freaking cool.

EDIT: You beat me to that
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unworthy15  +   590d ago
I want next-gen consoles to smell like burnt toast
BananaEatingSquid  +   590d ago
I want next-gen consoles to tuck me in at night and feed me spaghetti.

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