How GTA V Will Save Gaming

The Grand Theft Auto series has definitely suffered no shortage of improvement and innovation. Rockstar practically invented the open world genre, and each title has expanded the GTA universe in one form or another.

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TheSuperior 2007d ago

Looking forward to this game. I think its exactly what the industry needs because although it is in a series that has been long running its games like these that are just not created anymore. Its not a FPS it will end up standing alone and gaining a bunch of fans just for being different then everything else released. Save gaming might be a little overstatement but it will definitely improve it for gamers :)

Somebody2007d ago

"...its games like these that are just not created anymore..."

So what are Sleeping Dog, True Crime series, Just Cause series, The Saint Row series, Red Dead Redemption, Batman Arkham series and some of Spiderman series then? Last time I checked these are not FPSes in a closed world.

Prcko2007d ago

day 1,most anticipated game ever!!!

NYC_Gamer2007d ago

GTA V is what the industry needs :)

Donnieboi2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Yeah ikr. It makes no sense. Rockstars success wont put money in the pockets of other game companies. It might sell some systems, but this late into the generation, i'd have to say that there arent many people who dont have a system if they consider themselves console gamers.

So, if the industry needed saving, one 3rd party company wont be the one, no matter how well it sells. The only ones benefiting from this is Rockstar, Gamestop/Eb games, and the consumer. But the industry remains unchanged.

Hanuman2007d ago

Even without GTA the industry would be just fine. Nice to have it around though..

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The story is too old to be commented.