Sega Removing Fan's YouTube Videos To Better Promote New Game

Some channels have been completely shut down, while others have hit with copyright violations

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ritsuka6661972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Sega literally attempting to destroy the memory of their old great Shining games to sell their new shitty Shining games. :/

bubblebeam1972d ago

They are dogs. They abandoned support of the AvP game on 360 and PS3 like 6 months after release. Dogs left some regional matchmaking in, and never patched it. It is almost impossible to find a game, they may as well have shut the servers down.

tigertron1972d ago

Not cool Sega, not cool.

animegamingnerd1972d ago

screw you sega this will make people not buy your games to quote one of my favorite youtubers totalbiscuit said on twitter "Due to fears of copyright action, the channel will boycott Sega and coverage of any of their published titles until this is fixed"

rainslacker1972d ago

Honestly I think a lot of the various channels should unite on this, not even just Sega related ones. It could have a ripple effect if other companies think it will be effective. If they stand up to the practice now, other companies will think twice before proceeding.

admiralvic1972d ago

I am definitely in / game.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1972d ago

i know, what better way to sell to someone than piss them off

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