Iwata Asks: Miiverse Penis Drawing Detection Took Weeks to Develop

In a recent Iwata Asks interview about the Wii U Miiverse social network, director Yoshiomi Kurisu and his team discuss how difficult it was to create auto-detection of penis drawings.

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TheFinalEpisode1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

"Yuzawa: You know what surprised me. No one drew a single vagina."

Of course not, people immature enough to do that sort of thing have probably never even seen one.

NewMonday1968d ago

For the curious it looks like open mouth of the alien from Predator


zebramocha1968d ago

@thefinal that's what hd porn for.

Griffin48711968d ago Show
zebramocha1968d ago

@Griffin What does it matter that I'm a virgin?its not bothering me none.

PopRocks3591968d ago

Dude, you got a bubble from me. That was funny as hell.

chadboban1968d ago

Best comment I've read all week.

adorie1968d ago

Picasso penis engage.

Deku-Johnny1968d ago

I draw penises (peni?) on everything and I see vaginas everyday. Young ones, old ones, white ones, black ones, hairy ones, shaven ones etc. It all just depends on what I type in the search bar.

stuntman_mike1968d ago

I thought you were gonna say your a gynaecologist seeing all those vaginas lol.

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gpturbo811968d ago

staring at cocks for a week... lol

stuntman_mike1968d ago

sounds like a TV show heh.

gpturbo811967d ago

dont give em' any ideas

specialguest1968d ago

But what if you wanted to draw a mushroom?

rainslacker1968d ago

Why would you possibly want to do that on a Nintendo console? /s

1968d ago
chanmasta1968d ago

Dont-Read-This, did you not see "/s" in his sarcastic comment? He was kidding...

rpd1231968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

Haha, that's funny. I never get why people draw penises though. When Black Ops came out that was a huge problem. It doesn't make me think they're awesome, it makes me think they're dumbasses.

Hope they have some Swastika detection, too, that's gonna be a problem.

Ser1968d ago

The swastika is a religious symbol, not a symbol designed by Nazis.

rpd1231968d ago

I know that, but do you honestly the people drawing it are using it to convey it's original sanskrit meaning? Or are they trying to be edgy and have a Nazi symbol as their gamer picture? And the vast majority of them are tilted the way the Nazi's tilted it.

Ser1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Doesn't really matter what the majority thinks. The majority can't change facts, they can only interpret them the way they want.

You don't know for sure if they're using it as a Nazi reference.

What if a new evil regime rose up and started using the Christian cross as their official symbol? Would we all have to be afraid and cower every time we saw a cross? Not me, I'm not a moron.

(Also, lol @ the disagrees in my last post. Disagreeing with a blatant fact is really telling of one's intellect.)

nunley331968d ago

It's a fake story and this Iwata ask's didn't happen but it was still funny to read.

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The story is too old to be commented.