Nintendo is Fallible, Just Like Everyone and Everything Else

I’ll admit it, I’ve only been covering gaming for the better part of a year now for multiple outlets, and as much as I enjoy it, there are some things that pop up every so often that really start to grind my gears. I think that the biggest thing that I’ve noticed that seems almost illogical is that you are not allowed to criticize Nintendo without having the throngs of Nintendo supporters flood through the gates and declare you biased, evil and a vast array of other terrible things. You can say that Microsoft is a big, evil corporation and that their exclusive titles only appeal to “dudebro” gamers, you can say that Sony is inept at building exclusives that appeal to the masses and that Sony is in a terrible financial situation, but if you say anything similar about Nintendo (even if warranted) you will face the goon squad.

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Neonridr2003d ago

Hardly likely. The reason why Nintendo fanboys get so upset is due to the comments being absolutely ridiculous. Oh it's Nintendo, so it's automatically for kids. Or, Oh it's Nintendo, so it sucks.

I mean if the haters would at least put some effort into their trolling, it could at least be a little interesting or create some good debates, but alas, we live in a generation of ADD and kids who have everything they want on a string.

I don't know how any of the kids today would have survived back in the 80s when we actually had to use our imagination to see beyond the square blocks of color on the screen that was supposed to represent a video game.

PopRocks3592003d ago

After reading remarks like "Nintendo fans are stupid for liking this" or "This is shit. Fact" or "Only fanboys can like this" and basically any other sort of stupid or demeaning comment of that nature, I'm so surprised that people don't understand WHY a Nintendo fan or fanboy would be naturally defensive.

NewMonday2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

I think Nintendo should have gone about this console differently, but it is out already and they have to commit , lets hope they can bring games like zenoblade, zelda and Metroied early and not late like with the Wii .

PopRocks3592003d ago


There's more of a focus on core games than there was on the Wii, if only a little bit more. Plus we already know that a Zelda game is coming along with a Retro Studios and a Monolith game. The content is coming, but just like with the 3DS we simply have to play the waiting game.

Jadedz2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

After reading the comments from the new mini Wii article; ''what, no wifi!? no Gamecube playback!?'' If people honestly wanted a Wii, you can find one with all those features, with games even bundled with the console itself.

Any rational person knows that companies aren't barred from complete failure. It's the practices that causes faulting, and reasons behind them that supporters are either for or against.

dvewlsh2003d ago

To me it is just interesting that Nintendo is a lightning rod for this kind of polarizing stuff.

Sure, there are Sony and Microsoft "fanboys" out there, and there are people who hate each respective brand for whatever reason. I'm just curious as to why Nintendo is that lightning rod. I don't always agree with Nintendo stuff, but they obviously have some stuff that is awesome.

PopRocks3592003d ago

You have to look at what sets them apart from Sony and Microsoft. Sony and Microsoft have spent the last two generations trying to outdo each other while Nintendo is off doing their own thing. I suppose some people enjoy poking prods at the black sheep simply for taking a step out of the proverbial box.

You can also throw in that Nintendo's leading franchises don't cross the T rating (usually not even the E rating) and don't really involve blood and guns. Some people apparently find this unacceptable with their games.

Jobesy2003d ago

Why is Nintendo a lightning rod you ask?

Because they they produced the same darn franchises for over 25 years. Their arrogance cost them and us what could have been awesome games from 3rd party developers on Gamecube, N64 and Wii. Look at the quality libraries the NES and SNES had, then compare to the other systems. There is no comparison.

I'm REALLY looking closely at the WiiU though. Right now they just have to iron out some issues. What can make the WiiU something that can return Nintendo to it's glory days is Indy dev support. So far it seems like they like it a lot.

So lets not pretend that Nintendo didn't bring some of this upon itself, they deserve some criticism. But at the same time we need to give them a chance and not keep pushing them down while they're trying to rise up.

ronin4life2003d ago

I disagreed(perhaps prematurely) based on that second paragraph. The missteps made by Nintendo weren't so great to recieve the level of criticism they constantly suffer, esspecially when the main faults are already rendered false by recent trends.

The same franchises? How are they behaving any different than any other company with legacy franchises... hell, they are not any more abusive with their main properties than Sony or MS.(except this last mario riddled year... @[email protected]).

No Third party support? Besides the 64 cartridge misshap, they have done nothing massively stupid enough to lose the support. The GC era was proof of this, with plenty of exclusive support... until the rug was pulled out from under them by their had been supporters due to natural market progression(this can of course be said to be their fault for falling behind, though I find that hard to state given their continued support and profits through the era). Even with this, The wii saw a great deal of incredible exclusives that are promptly ignored by proponents of this fallacy. And all this gen Nintendo Has been working side by side to gain strong partnerships with companies and rebuild that essential support, which has resulted in both MH and CoD being launch titles in their respective mass markets.

No one is free from criticism, but the criticism levied at Nintendo is usually false or heavily exaggerated. Sony is in financial ruin(or nearing it ) and MS has started to become irrelevent in the market against Sony and Nintendo with their recent Kinect focus and rebranding towards Multi media... and those are only a few major issues of late with these two.
But Nintendo not having 3rd party support is untrue, and focusing on their legacy more so than anyone else is grossly exagerated.

With those the only real "faults" being touted by most, it is no wonder Nintendo can seem godly. After all, the two most common blemishes are quickly proven false.

rainslacker2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

How about this one..."Nintendo sells it's systems based on gimmicks".

Is that unwarranted? I like my Wii U so far but that is a fair criticism. If they blindly defend against that statement without actually offering reasons why the gimmick is a good thing, then yeah, they are doing what this author is saying.

Read JadedZ's comment Wi-Fi, no GC playback. Yeah those are very fair criticisms on the system. But we should just say...well we can get one of the older Wii's if we want that. OK fine...what about a year from now when you can't buy the new systems anymore...what if I wanted a Wii then? Blindly defending a company because you feel your being attacked is not productive to us gamers as consumers. Companies should be criticized when they do things that go against our interest.

Not all criticism is meant as an attack, and despite what this author says, it's like that across the board and not just singular to Nintendo.

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morpha2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

This article references an article by Emily Rogers of put up and then took down after she realized that it was essentially a baseless accusation and in poor taste.

This article only serves to further the drama caused by a misunderstanding and further harm the reputation of a good person.


dvewlsh2002d ago

I use that as an example in a long line of similar events that seem to happen where Nintendo is either endlessly thrashed or endlessly defended.

wiiulee2002d ago

no you are allowed to criticize nintendo...there is criticism and there is fanboyish hatred...which you lean close to being a hater...i go to sites where they criticize the wiiu but they also give it credit for innovation and simply the fact it will win next generation and those are facts..its a great system