Xbox 360 sells 750,000 during Black Friday week

Microsoft has just announced that its Xbox 360 console sold 750,000 units during the week of Black Friday in the US. By comparison, Nintendo's brand-new Wii U console sold 400,000 units during its launch week. Microsoft also said that Halo 4 "exceeded expectations with impressive sales the week of Black Friday."

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NYC_Gamer2004d ago

Wow,360 moved a lot of units.

Jinkies2004d ago

Technically retailers moved the units....360s can't move themselfs :)

EVILDEAD3602004d ago

I've been saying this throughout the last half of the year

You could see how Microsoft set themselves up for a good holiday every since E3.

It's not fair to compare the sales to Wii-U because everyone knew all along that the Wii-U would essentially sell out of it's shipment throughout the holiday.

The Halo 4 sales they got this go-around also attribute to the fact that this was the first time in a really long time they had Halo release a title of this caliber in November.


AlphaJunk2004d ago

technically "themselfs" isn't a word :)

AsimLeonheart2004d ago

Man, the XBOX360 always beats the PS3 in the US. Last black friday I think it sold one million. US is the single biggest reason that XBOX360 is leading in sales. Being a Playstation fan, it is a bitter pill to swallow but it is the truth... I wonder how many unit PS3 sold.

ABizzel12004d ago


What's there to be bitter about. As long as both are doing well, there's nothing to complain about.

360 had a really good line-up this year, PlayStation not so much so the 360 was likely to outsell the PS3 by a larger margin than normal in the US (although we don't know the actual PS3 numbers yet).

But 2013 will be an exceptional year for PlayStation with the line-up they have, as well as, a price drop for the console most likely down to:

12GB - $169
250GB - $199
500GB - $249

And with the line-up they have Sony and the PS3 will be sitting pretty next holiday.

But that makes me wonder if those games are coming out early 2013 since the PS4 is rumored to be hitting shelves next holiday, or is the PS4 being pushed back to early 2014 (as far as rumors go)?

greenpowerz2004d ago Show
AsimLeonheart2004d ago


I agree with you that it does not matters as long as both are doing well but many people these days consider PS3 a failure just because it is a couple of million units behind XBOX360. They do not consider it a healthy competition. Playstation has been my console of choice for a long time and I do not want it to to perform poorly and exit the industry as a result.

SITH2004d ago

Literally themself is not a word. Nothing technical about it.

omi25p2004d ago

I beg to differ.

Ive stuck wheels on mine.

pixelsword2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Themself is a word, just not a common American word. He used it kinda right because the 360 is not a male or female.


Here it is:


Dee_912004d ago

im not even surprised. didnt it move crazy numbers last year too?

Bronxs152004d ago


"It's not fair to compare the sales to Wii-U because everyone knew all along that the Wii-U would essentially sell out of it's shipment throughout the holiday. "

Except Wii-I did NOT sell out. yesterday i went into walmart and they were stocked with the basic set only. and today i went into bestbuy and they were stocked with both basic and deluxe editions. i don't think they sold all that well. and the anecdotal evidense of people being able to walk in and get it on launch day. and the line ups that were about 12 people strong. add to that the negative press about the day one patch, no instantly clear benefit over current gen, and it;s selling on sites like ebay for the same cost as retail means there isn't really a pent up demand for it.

EVILDEAD3602004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

@ Clyde

Hadn't heard or really checked into it. I guess we are all assuming it sold out in most places.

There is a definately difference in how the launches felt. It was absolutely bezerk when the Wii dropped.

Reggie feels good though..he's in rare form right

I can't call it..but I can't see many of them sitting around as Xmas gets closer


2004d ago
andibandit2004d ago


In itself the PS3 isn't a failure.
The failure lies in what could've been in opposition to what it is, today.
It's like Sony looked at everything they did right with the PS2, and then didn't do that.

2003d ago
ConstipatedGorilla2003d ago

@Don't Read This

This is why I like the 360: I like it's interface. It's easy to find your friends and jump in their games, or send invites or whatever.

I also prefer the controller. To me, it's the most comfortable.

At this point, I'm more vested in the 360 than PS3 so even though I own both, I tend to buy the 360 versions of multi-plat games to earn achievements and play with friends.

It's just a personal preference. Last gen, I preferred PS2 over Xbox hands down. This gen was the opposite for me. We'll see what next gen brings!

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Abash2004d ago

I have to say, this makes the Wii U's launch sales look worrisome. I thought the Wii U would do much bigger numbers since the TV has been bombarded with Wii U ads.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

A lot of those sales, I'm sure, are from the white version that came with the Skylanders game, it cost $150. Plus the bundle types like dboyc310 said.

Jazz41082004d ago

I think if wi u would of had a million consoles to sell they would have. This is just a supply issue as the demand was there. Nice job on the 360 on its 7th year I believe.

fatstarr2004d ago

Lmao WiiU went out of Stock

Just like how Xbox 360 went out of stock on launch
and same with ps3 on launch.

My word, the launch sales are awesome, and people are still waitlisted and wating for them deluxe models.

comparing black friday sales numbers of an Established System to one that just launched is the greatest way to come up with a solid conclusion that will predict the future of a console.

nukeitall2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Hot dang!

That is one week!!!


Don't be worried about the Wii U yet. It is too early to tell when Nintendo has shortages. They can't sell more even if the demand is much higher. It remains to be seen what Wii U will do going forward in the next 6-12 months.

Thatguy-3102004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Not surprise it did have killer deals. Wanted to get the 200 $ for the 250gb with skyrim and forza . Pretty much a steal if you ask me. Sold out pretty quick !!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

I wonder if Microsoft is thinking about delaying 720.

"I hope VITA sold alot too."

I am pretty sure you got thumbs down for that.

MostJadedGamer2004d ago

The WiiU will NOT be the highest selling console this Holiday season.

MostJadedGamer2004d ago

Yea thats a TONof units for a 7 year old console. Totally unprecedented for that old of console.

Syntax-Error2004d ago

OLD CONSOLE. You couldn't sound like more of a fanboy if you tried. The PS3 is old too and why is hard to believe that these OLD consoles still have tons of life. What's their competition....wii-u? GTFOH. Do you not see the lineup in 2013? Metal Gear, Last of Us, God of War, Beyond Two Souls, and GTA5 have something to say about OLD consoles

rainslacker2004d ago

Yeah...except for the PS2 which sold 1.1 million in december of it's 7th year in the US alone. Not to mention various handhelds, and the PS1. But yeah, totally unprecedented.

Still a good number of units sold. Good job MS.

TAURUS-5552003d ago

id never buy a current console right now...whats 10 months? nothing, 600 are ready for my new PS4

FamilyGuy2003d ago

$150 Skylander bundle on black friday wasn't the only reason, the actual number they had in stock at retailers was. I work at walmart in the receiving department and they had at least two pallets worth of those Skylander bundles. That's about 240 Skylander bundles in my walmart alone an there are 4 walmarts in my city. None of the other systems had as much, wii had almost one pallet and PS3 less than half.

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CalvinKlein2004d ago

Thats alot of xboxes. I hope VITA sold alot too.

Cocozero2004d ago

Looks like those stories about the 360 selling out were true. MS really doesn't need a price cut if demand is still this high.

SnakeCQC2004d ago

They were bought at a discounted price; during black Friday.

Captain Qwark 92004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

agreed lol now imagine if they made that price point permanent though. then they would likely move some crazy numbers more consistently

whoyouwit042004d ago

Ok so whats your point whats your point.

koston36472004d ago

textbook case of stupidity right there folks...
Eurdito knows whats up.

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Zodiac2004d ago

Very impressive. It sold more than it did during it's own launch week 7 years ago.

it even sold more than the Wii launch week back in 2006.

I really don't see this console fading away anytime soon.

BabyTownFrolics2004d ago

has this really been a 7 year console cycle, god I feel old

side note...

all I want for xmas is one more bubble, I lost them all during the PSN hacking thing. I am not a troll or fanboy, I've contributed to the community, just one bubble.

Zodiac2004d ago

I gave you a bubble for being helpful. I did not know what you wanted for Christmas, but now i know. Very helpful, lol.

PandemicPrawn02004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Merry xmas.

+ 1 bubble.

Captain Qwark 92004d ago

i gave you a bubble too. plus how much damage can someone do even with just two lol so even if you do troll it wont be a big deal

Knight_Crawler2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

I gave you a bubble just because you are Asian.

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Neonridr2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

In all fairness to the Wii U, I think it would have moved more units if there was more readily available stock like the 360. But 750k is an amazing number for a console this far into its life cycle. Clearly they priced it perfectly for Black Friday.

Jobesy2004d ago

Either way, it's a sale lost for Nintendo. For the folks that bought consoles as gifts for their kids, they only buy 1 console per year at the most. So even if the WiiU was sold out, those are sales lost for a long time that they won't get back.