Tournament organizers ditch gamers, keep prize money

In Mentor-on-the-Lake, Ohio, a video game tournament hosted by The Gaming Nation (TGN) has left many gamers and parents disappointed and outraged. TGN, which organizes tournaments across the country and claims to have a following of over 15,000 registered players, hosted a "$5K Regional Open" Saturday at the Cold Fusion LAN Center video game store.

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bigshynepo3718d ago

I wish I could approve stories. TGN is a bunch of scam artists and people should boycott them. Lets get this on the front page!

gamesR4fun3718d ago

yep got my aproval
but lets remember this could b just one or two bad staff members...

gamesR4fun3718d ago

I say we should tar and feather them

Tarmgar3718d ago

Rabble, rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble.

Enigma_20993717d ago

Give them your money next! You can trust them!