Gamertell Review: Patapon for PSP

Gamertell offers a review of the bargain priced ($20) PSP game, Patapon.

The 2D, side scrolling rhythm game stars cute tiny warrior eyeballs called Patapons and includes plenty of role-playing elements and a fairly novel control scheme. You press button combos the the game's rhythm to send the little warriors into action.

The cartoony art style, boppy music, role-playing elements and relatively easy controls help make this a pretty fun game.

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Clinton5143719d ago

If you guys haven't played the demo yet, download it. It's insane.

Ri0tSquad3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

I loved it.

Looks like the PSP is off to a great this year. With titles like God of War, Patapon, and Echocrome coming out and a great library of PSP games, owning a PSP now isn't a bad time at all.

xplosneer3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Insane. Loved LocoRoco-Will buy this game. A STEAL FOR $20.


Kain813719d ago

the demo was extrem cool

chrno63719d ago

Don't have a psp so I am a sad panada. I heard it will come out on psn though..right?

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