Microsoft to give students free developer tools

Microsoft wants more students using its software tools and it thinks it has hit on the right business model.

It's going to give away its software.

Starting this week, college students in 10 countries will be able to get Microsoft's Visual Studio and several other programs for free as part of an effort dubbed DreamSpark. Over the next year, Microsoft plans to offer the program worldwide for college and high school students.

In addition to giving away its Visual Studio tools, Microsoft is also providing no-charge access to its Expression Web design tools and its XNA studio for developing Xbox 360 software. Microsoft already provides discounted academic versions of its software, as well as a free "express" version of Visual Studio. Students can also get free copies of Windows Server and the developer version of the SQL Server database.

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TheHater3836d ago

I already have the Visual studio package. But I got mine for free from my college.

permutated3836d ago

What can I say? This is huge. Especially as a college student who goes to school at a digital arts facility, this could really transform the industry for good.

winlonghorn3835d ago

Agreed! This is awesome! I believe that this means that I can now get xna founders club for free because it mentions developing on the xbox. That is only possible with founders club. I am a game development student, so that would be awesome!! :)

antoinetm3835d ago

<3 M$ :)

( i still wont trade my ps3 tho :P )

wallace10003836d ago

I hope Canada is included, i like free tools :-) I will dig me a whole or build something shiny :-P Seriously though, this is pretty cool. Plus us students are exactly made of money so free is good.

FirstknighT3836d ago

It's pretty cool that Microsoft is willing to give out expensive software to future techies. Microsoft continuing to spread the wealth into education. Good job! :)

HeartlesskizZ3836d ago

Now this is a great Idea to bring better ideas for future use...

Free tools means millions of users so I personally clap for you on this one MS...way to go with this...

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