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gamrReview: "We're not looking at a system seller or killer app here, but Ragnarok Odyssey is an effective and fun action RPG for any owner of the Vita, and definitely worth your money if you have even the slightest desire to pick it up. Valhalla awaits."

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CalvinKlein2003d ago

I really like this game alot. Ive finished the main story and am now working on the extra missions. I dont normally like these types of games from the demos of MH and lords of arcania that I played on PSP but this game has a more action focus and the co-op online is really fun. Ont thing it these gas have crappy tiny environments linked together but in this game the loads between tehm are instant so you sont really notice.

DarkHeroZX2003d ago

add me you you own this game. My psn is BlackZeroZX

tiffac0082003d ago

This is the game that convinced two of my friends to buy a Vita.

Fullmetalevolust2003d ago

Feel free to add me too, my psn s/n is the same as on N4G. :)