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Head2Head: Assassins Creed III Screenshot Comparison Wii U/PS3/Xbox 360

Lens of Truth Writes "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! This time we take a closer look at Ubisoft’s Assassins Creed III for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii U Now that the Wii U is out and ready to battle the question remains, hows does this version stack up to the rest? Well come take a look us as we compare one of the most anticipate game release this year!" (Assassin's Creed III, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

RudeSole Devil  +   702d ago
Nice been waiting for this.. Wii U is proving it GPGPU is kick ass. I predict in the next couple months WII U Destroys the Xbox 360 and PS3 comparison. NINTENDO POWER!!
ape007  +   702d ago
it's actually laughable to compare it to an 2005 system, it SHOULD destroy them in gfx
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fatstarr  +   702d ago
Destroy... if ACIII was made from the ground up for the wiiu and not a port.
but meh I guess by your comment that the graphics in general are laughable.

Because threes no Major difference at all ,

but I agree it definitely is laughable when people on the site compare 2005 hardware to a PC running games at Max setting.
Muerte2494  +   702d ago
You do know...
that most of these launch titles are just ports. Which in fact says alot. There is little to no code optimization for the Wii U and it still manages to look this good. I remember when every bot was saying the 360 had better graphics than ps3. But it wasn't until people started actually coding for ps3 did we really see how wrong they were. Devs show off the power of a console, not the specs.
quantae06  +   702d ago
People surely forget Godfather, Need For Speed Most Wanted, NBA 2K6, Bully. They forget how those games DIDN'T destroy the XBOX/PS2 versions. Wow! :D
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jsslifelike  +   702d ago
Noticeable lack of texture compression in the Wii U version when compared to the PS3. That being said, seeing something in screens and in action are two different things. PS3 seems like it has better contrast ratio when rendering, though.

Using the word "destory" is, well, stoopit.
SilentNegotiator  +   701d ago
@fatstarr - "if ACIII was made from the ground up for the wiiu and not a port"

Yeah, just like ZombiU, the greatest looking console game of all ti.....oh wait. Oh, but Nintendo is....uh, making 720p, ~60fps 2.5D games.....eh.....
Just give it a few years! It will destroy the ps3 and 360....which will be, done with.

.....oh dear.
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Tempjf  +   702d ago
Same here!! I'm loving that UNIT!!
BattleTorn  +   702d ago
Did you see the comparison?

Not only do I think it looked worse than the 360, and PS3 - so did majority of those who voted. (results read 360/PS3/WiiU)

I bought my Wii U 2days ago. I'm enjoying it, and the game quite a bit. But let's be serious for a moment... It's struggling to be compariable to 6yo systems.
It SHOULD be decimating those systems.

All I hope for now is some good exclusives, and enjoy my time that I dedicate to the Wii U.

Just by going off of AC3, Batman, and ME3 (and even ZombiU for that matter) there is little added with the Gamepad. IGN reviewed all the ports by saying "the gamepad doesn't add much more than the mini-map into your lap.. see our regular review"

I was TOTALLY WILLING to re-spend $60 on ports I already played, just to see them run better on the Wii U. Unfortunitely this isn't the case. I can't see it being the case with future ports either. (especially in years to come)

My Wii U review: it is was it is.

If you have $400-500 to spare on gaming, GO FOR IT! (I did with little regret)
BUT, if you don't have a 360 or PS3, or BOTH, get both FIRST. They have waaaaay more value to them, considering their game libraries and supported services/apps. And Wii U isn't looking to have enough "future" to make up for those things.

(this coming from someone who spent 1200+ to replay games, like BF3 and skyrim, running on PC. Which I also don't use. So take what I say with a grain of salt)
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jbgamer  +   702d ago
When the 360 came out it looked identical to the original xbox no some games on the xbox looked better, and AC3, Blackops2 look better on the wii u.
herbs  +   702d ago
Adjust TV settings for same result.
Blastoise  +   701d ago

"and AC3, Blackops2 look better on the wii u"

No, no they don't. Did you even look at the images? AC3 look's better on Xbox & PS3. As for Black ops 2 it looks about as good as the 360 version with a performance that's worse than the PS3, according to the comparisons.
Sano64  +   702d ago
What's up with the gamma on the Wii U version? Did they get a 4th grader to calibrate their tv??
DarkHeroZX  +   702d ago
the PS3 stomped the wii U. Better textures and the color is more vivid and lush. Wii U is washed out and ugly. So much for next-gen
stragomccloud  +   701d ago
What you're seeing is someone who didn't properly adjust the gamma settings on whatever they recorded the game with.
DarkHeroZX  +   701d ago
The wii U doesn't support full rgb, that's why you have the adjust the color. In standard setting the Wii U version looks washed out while the ps3 version is washed out.
stragomccloud  +   701d ago
Take it easy buddy. There's a going to be a lot of ports for a while. I don't think we'll see anything truly significant until cross platform development between Wii U/PS4/720.
ape007  +   702d ago
the WIIU version look identical in terms of texture quality but it has that pale looking, less saturated colors in it, kinda like flour was thrown at screen just like BO 2 on WIIU, i think that could be adjusted, i think they had the same TV settings for both versions, in my experience, some consoles need a bit different TV settings to look as colorful as the other console and vice versa

kick@ss port on wiiu, nice to see an engine on the end of this gen cycle look flawless on a system in it's very early days, CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MARIO WIIU, OMG
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shackdaddy  +   702d ago
It can be adjusted so there's no difference. I've seen comparison pictures of BO2 where they were able to get the settings the exact same.

Actually, from all the comparisons I've seen, H2H is the only site that makes it really noticeable. Most other comparisons only have a very slight contrast difference.
YoungPlex  +   702d ago
You have to set the black settings on your TV to High and the rest is cake!
KarateExplosion  +   702d ago
Ps3 and the 360 look identical. The Wii U however, seems to be missing some lighting. I mean its a small detail but it takes away from the realism of the world. In the car scene you can see the light hitting the dashboard and on the Wii U it disappears. Of course there are other scenes where this is a problem. That one is the most easily recognized
Heavenly King  +   702d ago
Digital foundry already showed that the PS3 version is the best looking version of the 3.

So why do another comparison when the other even showed videos? This is kind of pointless.
Jazz4108  +   702d ago
Link saying its the best looking of the three please... just did the research myself and not only did they NOT state ps3 to have the better version they gave the 360 the edge onalot of a little things plus stated with the mandatory 4.5 gig install on the ps3 it allows it to keep up with the 360 on frame rates for the most part. It said there is very little diffrence but with the 360 having the lead platform they showed a bunch of very less noticable things the 360 does better. I would not have argued with you if you would have said it was a tie but to lie about it just shows the true colors of fanboys.
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Aghashie  +   702d ago

You sound a little buthurt over Heavenly comment, yet you call him a fanboy? Hmmmmmmmmm... interesting indeed.
DarkHeroZX  +   701d ago
the ps3 had full vsync and had zero screen tearng and framerate drops. 360 on the other hand did not.
andibandit  +   701d ago
Digital Foundry said 360 had a slight edge
ado908  +   702d ago
Omg it looks horrible on the Wii U... And I was actually hoping that the game looks better on the Wii U because I was planning on re buying it for the Wii U.. Maybe not anymore.
fatstarr  +   702d ago
looks the same...
ado908  +   702d ago
I honestly believe you need an eye check or otherwise you're just completely ignorant from the truth. Not only does the Wii U loses its detail it looks faded.

And I know what are people's next reply

"You're the ignorant one for being a fanboy or for calling him ignorant blah blah blah crap like that"

Honestly if people see no difference in this comparison. Then pretty much every other comparison ever made is completely the same. Meaning games like Sonic, L.A noire, GTA, Dead space, Resident evil, Tekken, and so on look completely the same.

I honestly hate when people say "it looks the same" When it clearly doesn't. They're only going to say BS things like just turn down the brightness and bump up the color it will look the same.....

Basically I have to turn down the brightness and change the color settings in every single game I play to look identical to another version even though there are still basic differences like texture and AA and yes even color and saturation STILL.

What's hilarious is I will get disagree's for this despite it being true, it's just peoples mentality these days to basically say everything looks the same, it's just ridiculous.
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jbgamer  +   702d ago
I am sure you where planning on buying one nice try to sound like you are not some blind fan boy. LOL
chukamachine  +   702d ago
Looks the same. only lighter.

How does it perform compared to the rest.
YoungPlex  +   702d ago
At first I felt like the Wii U version was washed out, but once I changed my black levels to high, permanently adjusted the colors and contrast, it looked identical actually, when changing inputs between PS3 and Wii U, I noticed that there were some NPC's missing from the PS3 version. I haven't tried out the 360 version but I'm sure it's nearly identical to the PS3. This is a rushed port and it still looks and runs great! My advise to anyone who owns a Wii U is to adjust there black levels on their TV to high on that specific input and also adjust the color and contrast for the Wii U. Once that's fixed the Wii U version is nearly perfect. Either way I'm going to wait for eurogamers digital foundry analysis, as they go deep with their comparisons...
DivineAssault  +   702d ago
Those NPCs in the pics are there in PS3 as well.. The pics were at different times or so cuz u need to follow them into that cave in the begining.. If u can adjust the colors to make it better thats fine.. The colors can also be adjusted on the others to make it look even better too.. It really doesnt matter as long as the game runs good n all..


99% of the content is in the wii u version so its cool.. But black friday had the PS3 version for $30 plus an extra hour of missions so that was too good to pass up..
YoungPlex  +   702d ago
Funny, Creative director Alex Hutchinson recently told Games Industry International that the Wii U version is no different than the Xbox 360, PlayStation, or PC iterations.


Look at the dates and you can clearly see that this is new information over what you posted!
Either way I payed $0 for it so yea, it's coo!
jay2  +   702d ago
EVERY port I've seen looks BETTER on CURRENT GEN consoles. Sorry, I think my Wii u's going to be dead till Bay 2 after I finish Zombi U.
Holeran  +   702d ago
It's a port plain and simple. If it was the lead console it would be disturbing.
chronoforce  +   702d ago
buy the wii u and enjoy it or don't buy it,enough with the dick measuring
younghavok  +   702d ago
Maybe its me but that washed out look only seems to pop up with these comparisons. If I hadnt played blops 2 on the 360 and Wii U myself Id hav believed it, but I did and it did not looked as washed out as the net has made it seem. These are poor comparisons but honestly, Blops 2, Batman, two games that look better on Wii U, frame rate not withstanding. As for this, they all look the same in these pics, with the Wii looking more natural albeit highly saturated.
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   702d ago
i think the Wii u version look better but I already know these trolls gonna disagree with me
Kurt Russell  +   702d ago
As with all these screen shot comparisons... all I see is gamma correction differences.
Norrison  +   702d ago
Looks the same, LOT are so unprofessional, they don't even know how to adjust the gamma. Also why are you guys fighting over small differences?
I thought console gaming was "We buy gameplay not graphics durr".

All the versions look fine, the Wii U version looks washed out because the gamma wasn't adjusted but it got the same texture quality and lighting as the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, it looks like a good port, and probably keeps up in performance
bobshi  +   701d ago
If you read the page it quite clearly says they do not adjust anything as often it will be down to someone's opinion what level is 'best'.

Now, it clearly is way off, but to stay true to the tests they do, nothing is altered.

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