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Skyrim DLC Will Be Coming To PS3, No Need To Worry: Bethesda

gamepur.com: Bethesda Pete Hines has just shared few new details regarding Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim PS3 DLC issues. Hines has assured PS3 gamers that DLC content are indeed coming to PS3, and developement team is working around the clock to fix all issues. (PS3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

nan0  +   950d ago
Yeah but with the slew of new games coming out (especially in 2013) who's really going to want to play the DLC now? This is coming from someone who's a huge fan of skyrim. I doubt they'll released all the DLC at once and even if they did who wants to pay full prince of a new video game for a few new weapons and abilities? The exclusive DLC trends need to die.
aquamala  +   950d ago
Yeah who's even playing games that's a year old, everyone's only playing new games

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animegamingnerd  +   950d ago
i am still playing the PC version
MysticStrummer  +   950d ago
Sure people play older games, but do they bother with DLC that got good ( not great ) reviews when they have new games to grab their attention? Do they buy DLC at $20 a pop, which is about 1/3 the price of the full game, when they can expect to get about 10% more content at the very most? Do they buy that DLC and trust it will work when they've already been sold the least stable version of the game, and problems remain a year later? I certainly won't, and I didn't even run into that many bugs.
HSx9  +   950d ago
As an Xbox user I have played both Dawnguard and Heartfire. Both are good DLCs Dawnguard adds at least 10 hours of gameplay, it also has some side quests. Heartfire would have been awesome at the beginning of the game. It's kind of pointless building a house when you've already beat the game.
ShoryukenII  +   950d ago
10 hours of gameplay is not much when considering how many hours most get out of Skyrim itself. And, let's be honest, Bethesda games are not high quality. They are massive but not high quality. 10 hours is not enough.
rawshack  +   950d ago
@ shoryukenll - ten hours for dlc is a good deal most dlc from fallout was only 5- 6 hours - knights of the nine was maybe 4 hours 10 hours is all right
piroh  +   950d ago
well, it seems timed exclusiveness finally expired
XeNoStRatoS  +   950d ago
Give me a GotY with all the content and fixed issues and I'll get it day one since I still didn't buy the retail version. I never buy games which are not ready and some kind of alpha...
TheHater  +   950d ago
wait wait wait....
People are actually paying for mods that Bethesda is selling as DLC to console gamers? If any PS3 gamer buy any of these DLC, you are basically justifying Bethesda treatment of you. They treat you like crap and you still go out and buy their games and the over price mods they took from the modding community and sell it as DLC.

Plenty of Developers/publishers out there that treat their fanbase with respect and you guys don't support them. Yet, you guys throw money at Bethesda, Activision, EA, and Capcom who treat you guys (gamers in general) like crap.

I don't get the logic behind you people.
Oh you respect us...No money for you
Oh you disrespect us, charge extra for content already on the disk, release broken and unplayable games?.....Here is our money.
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DragonKnight  +   950d ago
I agree with your sentiment, but not with your tone. You don't convince people of anything by essentially insulting their intelligence, even if it's accurate to do so.

On Topic: I hope you people understand that by DLC, Hines is NOT referring to Dawnguard, Hearthfire, or Dragonborn. He's talking about completely different DLC, which is why he didn't mention those DLC by name. Bethesda already said the PS3 would be getting it's own different DLC. So if people think it's the current DLC, boy are you in for a disappointment... again.
MysticStrummer  +   950d ago
So far, Bethesda hasn't kept their word about delivering DLC as substantial as Shivering Isles was, so if it's different DLC I don't see it as a problem necessarily.
Flandy  +   950d ago
It's getting its own separate dlc? Where did you read this? Got a source on that?
DragonKnight  +   950d ago
@Flandy: Sure, if you trust Bethesda's Tweets here you go.

Flandy  +   950d ago
@DragonKnight I think they are more referring to New to PS3 and PC, but who knows?
dazzrazz  +   950d ago
Jaybronee  +   950d ago
Sold my buggy game a long time ago.
Ryan_Hay   950d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(2)
Hicken  +   950d ago
It damn well better be free.
Heisenburger  +   950d ago
I believe that the saying goes: A day late, and a dollar short.

Well you will definitely be short MY dollar (hardy har HAR).

I will buy Fallout 4. I will be buying it used. Yes, I know that my previous two sentences should really be just one sentence. I am simply attempting to make a point here haha.

I'm sorry, I love Fallout..... I just cannot support then knowing that they knowingly, and willingly, sold me a broken game.

No dice.

Though for all of the people who have been waiting for this, I hope that they present this fix with haste.
KwietStorm  +   950d ago
I buy my games new, but its situations like these, that have become too commonplace with some devs, that has me thinking the same way. At the end of the day, money talks. Its just a shame that the majority of the people don't care, and keep buying broken games from the same culprits. Fallout 4 will probably be next Gen though, right?
DarkBlood  +   950d ago
well looks like there are going to be 2 goty editions of skyrim for each console, well thats what it seems like to me anyways
Silly gameAr  +   950d ago
Check for that GOTY edition folks...
KwietStorm  +   950d ago
I think the fact that its coming is reason enough to worry.
vickers500  +   950d ago
If they've finally fixed Dawnguard and Hearthfire, they sure as hell better be free for ps3 owners, based on the way they've treated us. And also, any upcoming DLC they release should also be on sale for a week of the release on playstation plus, something like 40% or more off of the regular price.

I know all of those things probably aren't going to happen, but those first two things are necessary for me to forgive them, even though they probably don't give a crap either way.
solidjun5  +   950d ago
I agree. They probably don't give a crap. I don't think the DLC will be Dwanguard or Hearthfire as they mentioned it by name. They simply said DLC. Whatever DLC they give, it better be substantial and it better be free.
Dead_by_Dawn  +   950d ago
Wow! Really, that's great!... No wait!... It's not. Bethesda must think they're some awesome comedians don't they. I guarantee that as soon as this beth trash dlc comes out, it's still going to be infested with bugs. Thanks, but no thanks losers, keep your dlc, that they'll still charge full price for.
Flatbattery  +   950d ago
Moved on, don't care any more.
WeskerChildReborned  +   950d ago
Might just wait for the inevitable GOTY edition.
That-Guy  +   950d ago
Hahaha! Please, Bethesda, you're killing me.
sway_z  +   950d ago
Why do people keep mentioning PC Mods?!!

You can argue the benefits of PC all day long ...Superior GPU, CPU, Ram ....but the humble 'Console' is at the centre of the games industry...the PC will not be making a comeback any time soon...

If there were no Consoles, I get the feeling people would be bitching about how Smart Phones will never beat Tablets and Tablets will never beat dedicated PC gaming?? Meh!

For the last frickin time....Consoles are not PC's and should never be compared to them!!

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TheHater  +   950d ago
I wasn't compare PC to console. I'm just saying that the DLC features such as weapons, dragon riding, house building, new powers, etc are mods on the PC that people are paying for as DLC. There is mods out there that offer a lot more and better quality than any of the DLC they release so far.
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sway_z  +   950d ago
@The Hater

Wasn't directed at you fellow gamer...but there are a lot of people comparing apples to pears and so forth.
Ryan_Hay   950d ago | Bad language | show

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