Did Black Ops Declassified Kill The Vita?

The Vita is an impressive little device, and it has a boatload of potential, but developers haven't shown an excessive amount of enthusiasm for Sony's latest handheld. A steady stream of titles has made its way on to the system, but very few of them have maximized the Vita's potential, or made the little console worth investing in.

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Godchild10202031d ago

...And had Activision and Nihilitsic lay on it.

animegamingnerd2031d ago

can't... resist... making.. sex joke

joab7772031d ago

Its terrible. First off, ppl want to have black ops in the go. If it has to b something else, damn, they hav made enough money, make a good game.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2030d ago

I'm waiting for game loft to hit the mobile dev app and put modern combat domination or any of the hundreds of free or .99 games on the app stores for use on the vita. Some of those games on phones are really good for what they are they just need the buttons to work properly. Zombie gunship on that screen with buttons instead of screen swipes = 😁

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andibandit2030d ago

How do you make your bed, when it's a bed of nails?.

lilbroRx2031d ago

Nah, trying to compete with Nintendo did before massive disagrees and bubble downs.

NewMonday2031d ago

What is it with Nintendo fans and the constant negativity recently ?

thaimasker2031d ago

same can easily be said for the other side of the spectrum as well.

CalvinKlein2031d ago

how is that negativity sony fanboy? Its true. How does stating the truth make him a nintendo fanboy? I havea VITA and it is dying slowly and having crap devs make one of its biggest games is not helping it.

Whats with the sony fanboys and playing the victim and getting all butthurt over the TRUTH.

You want to see constant negativity? Go into any 360 article and read the stupid sony fanboy comments.

Articles and comments about sony doing poorly are not being negative, they are accepting the truth.

NewMonday2031d ago

Well so much for trying to be respectful and saying Nintendo "fans".

This is supposed to be a great time for them with a new console out, I look forward to hear about the experience .

And sorry for invading a Nintendo game discussion

Outside_ofthe_Box2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )


The INFAMOUS "truth" a lot of people like to throw around here when it comes to Sony negativity.

So it's the TRUTH that the Vita is dead because it was trying to compete with Nintendo?

lol I guess it's the TRUTH that the PSP was a failure the moment it launched too despite selling 70+ million units since trying to compete Nintendo equates to a killed system by default because it's apparently DA TRUTH that we must all accept.

Absurdity at it's finest lol.

nugnugs2031d ago

Can I please comment on how the term 'Butt hurt' has gotten old extremely quickly and makes me squirm with irritation everytime some pre-pube troll uses it.
It's like the kid in the playground (or Cartman) who heard a naughty word from their older brother and wont.stop.f'
I'm not claiming to be the decider of cool things here, but i just associate this word with dicks now.

SilentNegotiator2031d ago


As developers tell Wii U's fortune of short-lived third party support due to disappointing specs, gamers learn that they have another sub-to-720p HD console, etc....they feel and act like cornered animals.

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jrbeerman112031d ago

Sony is trying to create a new market by targeting hardcore gamers. "console quality on the go"

Problem is hardcore gamers want good games and its hard to get development without a good adoption rate. They are also starving for new consoles and new tech, not familiar tech in small package. they also want that killer app/exclusive.

im not saying 3ds has nothing for hardcore, but its bread and butter is kids. families that want to buy their kids videogames without tieing up TVs makes a DS or 3DS PERFECT.

Vita doesnt have that, yes they have games for young kids (lbp, modnation), but not mario/zelda/donkeykong or nintendos reputation. Nintendo's name says family all over it, not sony.

Vita is also expensive especially the memory. Price drop is needed, (i got black friday assassins creed bundle to finally be sold)

lets hope that both 3DS and Vita can coexist, nintendo fans should want vita to be successful as well because competition benefits the consumer.

Norrison2031d ago

You can say the same about the Wii U, give the Vita some time, after playing persona 4 I realized there can be good games for it, when sony cuts the price again it will sell a lot more trust me.

PopRocks3592031d ago

The Vita's not even dead yet, you nut. However, I do believe that this game was overall a detriment to the platform. It doesn't need these spinoffs. And it doesn't need PS3 ports either. It needs new and original content. As does ANY platform.

guitarded772031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

I'm interested by the Vita negativity. I love my Vita, and I'm a 35 year old man... It's the first handheld I've ever really, REALLY enjoyed as an adult. It has the best quality games of any handheld device IMO, I can watch movies on the go, check out Facebook, check my e-mail, watch YouTube. There is a deep catalog between the Vita, PSP, PSOne, Mini and PS Mobile games. The feature set is awesome, the display is beautiful. Yet for some reason, I seem to be the one missing something. Apparently the Vita is a piece of s#!t, but I and everyone I know that actually owns one is blindly in love with it. I'll pull out my Vita at university, and people will drop their iPads and 3DSs to check it out, then say how they'd like to have one, but just don't have the finances at the moment. Everyone I know who has one or tries one really likes the Vita. I think negativity from sites is unwarranted. The Vita is great, and the game catalog is growing. So, maybe sales aren't the best, but that's often the case with all entertainment mediums. If liking Vita makes me stupid for whatever reason, then call me stupid and let me enjoy my games in stupid bliss.

Anon19742031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

I'm 38 an also loving my Vita. For me it's nice to get up with the kids early in the morning, sit them down in front of Blue's Clues for their daily TV and have a cup of coffee while enjoying Gravity Rush or Uncharted on the couch before starting my work day. It's relaxing and the games I've played so far are excellent.

However, we should be used to this negativity by now after all the Blu-Ray is dead/PS3 is Dead/PSP is Dead/3D is dead/Vita is dead... on and on it goes. The thing hasn't even been out a year yet worldwide and people are falling all over themselves to proclaim it's doom. They took a short break for the Wii-U launch, not it's back to reminding us what a failure the Vita is.

Funny, I wonder how many of those who wrote the hundreds of PS3/PSP/Blu-Ray doom articles ever went back and said "Oops. Our bad."?

solid_warlord2031d ago

U must be in one university full of stupendous nerds. My little bro had vita which he reasontly sold after playing the crappy Black Ops declassified. Crap games, over priced games, over priced hardware..i remember how big Sony was since PS1 and PS2 days.. Today they have sunk soo low. I guess theres no smoke without fire. They only have themselves to blame. Sony is no longer a trusted brand. If they fail next gen then, Sony is dead.

guitarded772031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

@ solid_warlord

I'll assume your comment wasn't just a troll, and humor you for a moment. You open with a bigoted and very simpleminded statement... "nerds"... seriously, what is this 1985? I am getting my second degree in computer science, so yeah, if by "nerds" you mean people that are clearly smarter than you and have incomes you could only dream of, then you are correct.

You go on to talk about how your brother didn't like CoD Declassified, which in reality isn't a great game, and sold his Vita. You know, my brothers like a lot of thinks I don't like and vice versa, but I, as well as them don't base our opinions off each other's experiences. You should try it sometime... it's called being an individual.

Finally you close with talking about Sony like it cheated on you and killed your mom. Just because Sony is dead to you, it doesn't mean Sony is dead to everyone else. Sony is making great exclusives for gamers to enjoy while you sit around being pissed off for whatever reason. Good luck with that.

Aceman182031d ago

39 here and i love my Vita i play it everyday im traveling to/from work. when im on lunch im either playing AC:L, Ragnarok Odyssey or any of the older games i purchased to go along with the PSP, and PS1 games.

i could give two sh*ts what fanboy haters say the Vita is everything i wanted in a handheld system. the best $300 I've spent. i wouldn't let a crappy game like black ops stop me from enjoying my Vita.

admiralvic2031d ago

I don't see whats to be interested in... as I've posted in several of these topics, these articles are trash we should down vote and try to REMOVE from this site (as I typically do).

All of these articles look at some trivial detail...

"big game" failed. Cause Assassins Creed Liberation is in the same ballpark, yet we only hear about Declassified... a game I don't think anyone expected to be good. Esp when they announced there wouldn't be zombies and the developers history.
No future. People seem to expect that the latest console will have something new every week and several big name titles a year.
Sales are low. Guess what, because the game / system didn't match CoD in terms of sales, it's clearly failing.
Price Drop PLZ. Regardless of how much the device is actually worth, if there is a cheaper option, then the more expensive one is by default over priced.

There are more common topics, but these articles usually focus on one of them and score a lot of hits / views due to the 2 factions fighting. They did this for the 3DS and now everyone acts like the 3DS has been a day 1 success and COMPLETELY overlook the first awful year.

Sithlord-Gamble2031d ago

I agree. Im 32 & i play this more than my ps3 these days. I love being able to play whenever/wherever i want. I even brought it with me to play while standing in lines for black friday.

For gamers with kids/family this thing is a godsend and heres to hoping that more people realize theres alot more to the Vita besides negative articles.

There ARE great games available that make this a very enjoyable handheld ... and for the record, i thought BO:D was halfway decent.

cpayne932031d ago

I just got my Vita and the thing is a beast. Loving Uncharted GA right now, not perfect but it feels like a console uncharted 90% of the time. After that I will get gravity rush and Wipeout, having plus with the vita and ps3 is an incredible deal. I loved the unit 13 demo, the way you could manipulate enemies was awesome, so I plan to get that at some point, even if there is no competitive multiplayer. Looking forward to killzone, tearaway, and soul sacrifice next year.

himdeel2030d ago

I agree 100% with Guitarded. The Vita is my favorite handheld since the original Gameboy.

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OrangeStar2031d ago

Exactly PopRocks359. The Vita is a pretty awesome console.

The Vita needs way more games - good ones.

Perhaps even a Borderlands/Dead Island type game would be the Vita killer app that would boost the Vita to where it needs to be.

Nerdmaster2031d ago


"but I and everyone I know that actually owns one is blindly in love with it"

I know one person who owns a Vita. Me. And I don't really like it. There still isn't a single game that made me say "wow, I'm glad I bought a Vita". I paid for PS Plus, so let's see if in the coming months they give me any great games.

Shikoro2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

Of all the great games that have released on the Vita, none has made you glad that you bought it? Not even Gravity Rush, Sound Shapes, LBPV, ACL, Uncharted? And those are just a few of the heavy hitters, not to mention the bunch of smaller titles which are equally beautiful and awesome to play.

I'd hate to have your taste...

MetalProxy2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

lol, cool story. I guess I better sell mine because you dont like the games on the vita.

Nerdmaster2031d ago

Gravity Rush - played the demo, looks good, but not great. I'll play the full version someday, as I got it from PS Plus.
Sound Shapes - saw videos, didn't understand it, was planning to buy it to see it with my own eyes, but after PS Plus launched, I'll wait for it to be offered through the service.
LBP - I hate the floaty gameplay of the past games of the series and I don't think it'll be different on this version.
ACL - got tired of Assassin's Creed after Brotherhood.
Uncharted - Played U2, never finished it. Bought this one for Vita (because I found a really cheap used one in Japan), but I didn't like it enough to play for more than maybe one hour.

"So why did you buy a Vita?" you may ask. Well, in my country Vita (and games in general) is very expensive, so I bought it during my trip to Japan, as it was way cheaper than here. I bought it expecting good RPGs like the PSP got. Unfortunately, the only good one released until now was Persona 4. P3 for PSP was kind of good, so I'll buy P4 eventually, but there are many other games on other platforms I want to play before that. Especially now, after great Steam promotions.

Did I ever say that nobody likes Vita because I don't like its games? If I said so, please tell me when and where. I said that I don't know anybody that owns a Vita besides myself, and I don't like it. Do you like it? Good. Can you let me keep my right to say that I don't like it (yet)? Good.

Kingthrash3602031d ago

* pauses persona4 golden*
Soooooooooooooooooooooo you own a vita but don't play it because you haven't finished or dont like the console cousins of the game.
Then you think your opinion matters when judging the vita.
You do understand that's like judging a bikini contest but only looking at their ankles... Right. Smh.
** un-pause**

Nerdmaster2031d ago

But of course I'll judge a game based on the previous games of its series. If I didn't like the previous LittleBigPlanet games, and the videos show that it's almost the same, why would I waste my money buying it? If I didn't like Uncharted 2 enough to finish it and the Vita one is so similar, how could I like it?

Look, you people may love the games Vita has now, but look at all the people saying "Vita needs a killer app to make people buy it". So many people agree that Vita still doesn't have it. I'm just saying that. If people continue to shout "Vita needs a killer app", none of the games you listed fill that position.

I'm not saying that Vita only has bad games. WipeOut 2048 is fun. Gravity Rush, as I said, seems good judging by the demo I played. I plan to buy Persona 4 one day. Sound Shapes got me intrigued. It's just that none of its games makes me think "if I didn't have a Vita, I would buy it to play this game". And every console or portable I ever had, had at least one game like this.

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Bowzabub2031d ago

36 here and my 16 gig is filled to the brim. Still need to pick up AC:L & NFS. Best handheld I have ever held.

Y_51502031d ago

I see two games that has started that. MM new game tearaway and the recently released Gravity Rush. Both are original and appealing to me! :)

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Abash2031d ago

Yes it did, now Killzone Mercenary, Tearaway, Soul Sacrifice, etc. wont be releasing next year all thanks to one third party game!

In all seriousness though, despite Black Ops Declassified being a bad game the CoD Vita bundle is still moving in sales charts. So its helping the Vita if anything

lilbroRx2031d ago

Yeah this is a ridiculous article. Most people don't buy consoles for ports.

The thing I find odd is that there are a TON of articles like this for the Wii U but people actually promote them.

It makes no sense.

Its safe that BO:D is not going to change anybodies minds about wanting a Vita one way or the other.

izumo_lee2031d ago

Persona 4 Golden proves the Vita is capable of great things. We need more developers to take the chance like they use to in the old days & make games for it despite what the sales number says.

When the PS1 debuted there were many doubters if that system would be a success. Sony convinced many developers to take the chance with the new system & well we all know what happened there.

The same can be said with the Vita, will it do 3DS numbers or any Nintendo handheld numbers of course not but it can still be a successful platform nonetheless.

jrbeerman112031d ago

This.... calling it dead is jumping the gun, it hasnt been out for a year yet. It has had a slow adoption rate, but lets see how it does this holiday.

I feel like its market is different than 3ds. just like ps3 is different than the wii.

I will say that a good COD game would have been HUGE and its a missed opportunity. but it wasnt the only thing the vita was hanging on. plus its still selling units (not everyone reads reviews)

I hope sony tries more cross platform like playstation all stars, and fixes remote play. those would certainly help. PSN+ helps a ton too.

I picked up a vita last week because of 3 things: the awesome $200 deal on creed bundle, ps+, and persona 4.

izumo_lee2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

Who is it to say that another Call of Duty is not gonna be on the Vita? Activision did not support Declassified as much cause they had the main series to advertise & promote. So if Sony & Activision finally have an agreement to make a proper game of the franchise it will benefit both parties one would think. Sony will have their system seller & Activision will have the title of being the company to 'save' the Vita.

Declassified as we can see it clearly now was a quick cash in for the company & the sales of that game are 'bonus' for them. Nihilistic was probably chosen to do it cause the contract was cheap & since they had somewhat experience with Resistance it was supposedly easy for them to make that game in 5 months.

Remote play is an option but from what i can tell it is very limited mainly due to the need to program a game to support that feature, & since time is money not many developers have the manpower or resources to do so.

What might put Vita on the map for many is the acqusition of Gaikai. Whatever Sony is planning with that service seeing it on the Vita will greatly help things. The ability to run demos, stream videos anywhere is what the Vita is made for & makes it an even more attractive purchase.

So yeah i believe whenever Sony & Gaikai are ready to implement the service it will greatly benefit the Vita more so than the PS3 or whatever next gen console they have.