GDC 08: Meditation & Relaxation with Games

Destructoid: "The whole idea of not acting is completely counterintuitive to videogames," Ian Bogost says. Indeed, he's got a point: what percentage of gamers would actively seek out games whose purpose is not to excite, or titilate, but to relax? Games which are slow and, some would say, boring?

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permutated3504d ago

I bought a PSP to play relaxing games.

LocoRoco, fl0w, etc.

Games like REZ HD on the 360 are relaxing to me, because they induce a different state of mind that keeps me at ease.

pwnmaster30003504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

this would be cool for those fuked up days and i need to get away from everything

Jdash243504d ago

I dont know about anyone else here, but i try to frequently meditate

Me and my friend are planning to reach God

He has a series of books called "The life and teaching of the masters of the far east"

if anyones interested, you can download the first volume here