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Submitted by TheSuperior 1097d ago | opinion piece

Who’s the Better Assassin, Ezio or Connor?

The Assassin’s Creed series is one of the most popular series in today’s video game market. Players fell in love with the historical references, unforgettable story and beautiful surrounding. Every game to release in this series is nothing short of breath taking. Over the past few years the game has grown near and dear to players across the globe. One of the main reasons that this game is so likable is because of the love for of each titles protagonist, not Desmond Miles, but that of his ancestors. Each game features one of main character, Desmond’s beloved ancestors making them the actual ‘main character’ of the game. (Assassin's Creed 2, Assassin's Creed III, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

TheSuperior  +   1097d ago
Im going to have to say Ezio, he just has an all around cool flair but Connor is cool to. Hes just not Ezio lol
blitz0623  +   1097d ago
Altair is better than both :P it only took him 1 game to beat up the Templars
Yukicore  +   1096d ago
Connor voice actor was quite ridiculous, and the lines were horrible, and the character didn't have any emotions and was horrible with words.

But in a battle Connor for sure, he's faster for sure, although makes more mistakes.

In the trailers Connor seemed a better character than he actually is - with clear mind and clear goal, but in the final game he was awkward and horrible speaker, with no clue what exactly he want's, with his cheesy lines, he fought, and somehow won.

He had his life spared too much, he would have been dead if the game would be realistic...
Shadonic  +   1097d ago
Obviously Ezio he had emotions Connor had A emotion. I still belive they should of just used the classic formula takeing out the big guy last and also they should of given connor a love intrest of some sort he would probably give her that pissed look though.
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Jinkies  +   1097d ago
Ezio by miles, he's not naive like Connor and dosen't resort to killing when he dosent get his own way. Honetly Connor is awful, he spoilt AC3 for me, I can't really finish it, that and it's awful patriotic elements.

His voice actor just sounds so cheap, Haytham was much better in my opinion...
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Hellsvacancy  +   1097d ago
Totally agree, I painstakingly fought my way to complete AC3, I didnt care for any of it, the missions where boring/pointless, the voice acting was cheap (the old Native Indian lady for example) the graphics looked rough/jagged, it wasnt a very smooth experience (PS3) its the 3rd worst game ive played this gen, glad I rented it

I liked the Naval battles, I just wanted to see what happened to Desmond, which turned out to be a worser ending than Mass Effect 3

My answer, Ezio
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Nes_Daze  +   1097d ago
I thought I was one of the few that felt like this, at the moment, I simply have no interest in completing the game, but I'm just pushing myself through it, haven't had that experience with a game in a long time. The missions are indeed boring, the glitches just eventually get to you, and I agree with Jinkies, Connor just isn't a good character imo.
iamnsuperman  +   1097d ago
What confused me about Connor is that he blindly followed what people said if it seem to suit his interests. He never questioned what he was doing and why nor did he worry that he was being used. His voice acting did make the character seem much worse but he is still a bad character

Ezio I guess is the better choice because he showed more wisdom and less naivety
AgentSmith  +   1097d ago
I kind of thing it's unfair to judge right away! We've had more time to see Ezio develop over three titles. This is our first experiences with Conner! Very thought provoking though!
Getowned  +   1097d ago
Ezio may have had more time to develop but I think Ezio was a better character after AC2 than Conner after AC3. Honestly, I would love to see another game with Altair as the main character.
Slugg3r  +   1097d ago
This. I still remember people hating on Ezio when ACII came out.
SheaHoff  +   1097d ago
I'm not done with the game yet, so I guess I'll have to wait!
Summons75  +   1097d ago
Altair > Connor >>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> ;>>>>Ezio
Ducky  +   1097d ago
.... >>>>>> Desmond ?
flightdown  +   1097d ago
Altair and Ezio need to teach Connor a lesson or two.
Bentert  +   1097d ago
Defiantly Ezio, Conner was cardboard, and flat I couldn't connect with him at all.
It would have been awesome to have played as Desmond more in the current time period, could have enjoyed playing as him, rather than making him feel like a DEUCHBAG.
SnotyTheRocket  +   1096d ago
Yeah, but you could TOTALLY connect with Altair /s....
stuntman_mike  +   1091d ago
DEUCHBAG..German Bag??

I thought it was Douche!
2pacalypsenow  +   1097d ago
Tzuno  +   1097d ago
Tom Cruise.
phantomexe  +   1097d ago
After playing connor, ezio was a pussy. Connor was a i'll beat ur ass right in your face kind of fighter. Don't get me wrong tho, still a fan of Ezio. I really do hope they do another ac game with connor in it and add more to his story. I'm preety sure there going to before we see AC 4.
Deku-Johnny  +   1097d ago
Connor, no contest.
majiebeast  +   1097d ago
Corvo Attano>All
vork77  +   1097d ago
Ezio because he has is wiser and was the leader of the brotherhood at a younger age and he has more experience then connor
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Despair666  +   1096d ago
noxeven  +   1096d ago

Didnt really like connor that much
rpd123  +   1096d ago
Ezio had 3 games to develop. At the end of AC2, he was still the brash young man he was at the beginning of AC2. It wasn't until Brotherhood and Revelations that you saw him mature, grow wiser, and become a leader. It's unfair to expect Connor to be that developed already.

Connor is naive, yes, but he's clearly changed. Anyone who has played the epilogue can see that. He realizes the world is not a fair place anymore and is learning that nobody can be trusted blindly like he trusted Washington. Give him 2 more games, then make the comparison.
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youmadbro125  +   1096d ago
i agree with rpd123 give Connor time before you talk shit
you say Connor is naive/unsure/blindly follow his emotions.. but didnt Ezio in AC2? So give it time oh btw hated the ending. disappointed. Point is wait a lil bit and wait you cant compare as of now if any thing narrow the question to "Who's the better assassin Ezio in Ac2 or Connor in Ac3?"
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rpd123  +   1096d ago
I hated the Desmond ending. That was a giant disappointment. I liked the way Connor's story ended though the last few missions didn't really have a lot of gameplay, it was still good stuff.
youmadbro125  +   1095d ago
i agree
Xof  +   1096d ago
Ezio, by far. Connor's not even a good -character-, let alone assassin. He's just too blindingly stupid.

Then again, Ezio wasn't all that great in AC2. He didn't really come into his own until Brotherhood, so I do have high hopes for Connor if (or when) Ubi decides to use him again in some more of those yearly sequels.
jerethdagryphon  +   1096d ago
Connor he has purpose outside of self interest if he niece its because that's how the natives were at first . Corrors story had more impact and he seemed a more ruthless fighter ezio was flashy Connor get the job done he also has emotions beyond what were used look at the epilogue he wonders if he did the right tging if freedom is woth the price
TheGrimBunny  +   1096d ago
tough decision

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