Toshiba may continue HD DVD business

Despite widespread reports that Toshiba will give up the promotion of the HD DVD standard in its competition with Blu-ray Disc (BD), Toshiba is unlikely to give up its HD DVD business operation, Taiwan optical disc drive (ODD) industry sources noted.

Digital Media Network, Toshiba's in-house company responsible for the HD DVD platform, met with domestic makers/suppliers of HD DVD components in Japan on February 18 and emphasized Toshiba's resolution to continue with its HD DVD business, the Taiwan sources explained.

If Toshiba gives up in the battle with BD, it will immediately lose royalty revenues from HD DVD patents, be forced to return already paid royalty charges as well as face risks of customers' returning purchased HD DVD products and launching mass litigation for compensation, the Taiwan source explained.

The sources added that Toshiba will continue to support Toshiba-Samsung Storage Technology (TSST), a global Top-3 ODD maker, so that the maker can offer more inexpensive HD DVD devices to compete with BD products.

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sonarus3747d ago

if toshiba dosent announce hd-dvd demise i predict msoft will swoop in with an hd-dvd compatible console and really really put their weight behind it this time. Then off course toshiba shares will fall again lol

ravinash3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

Its too late to update the old console and too early to bring out a new one. So MS won't be bring out anything that will be saving HD-DVDs bacon.

avacadosnorkel3747d ago

HD-DVD players for 20 bucks!

Kyur4ThePain3747d ago

$20, and still no takers.

I wouldn't be surprised if Toshiba stop making standalone players, but continue making PC/laptop drives.

TheSadTruth3747d ago

Automatic upscaling for DVDs for $20 bucks sounds good to me. Who wouldn't want to buy a HD-DVD player just for that?

BrianC62343747d ago

This guy misses the most important fact though. If Toshiba doesn't dump HD DVD their stock will collapse. Just based on rumors that they will kill HD DVD Toshiba stock rose.

thedude176553747d ago

would invest in a company who will focuse money and attention to a format that will not last long enough for them to complete their contracts with whome ever.

Bathyj3747d ago

Thats it. I've had enough. Hear my voice people. If Toshiba doesn't drop this crap in the next couple of weeks and do whats right for the comsumer than I will boycott them, never buying a Toshiba product again and will make it my business to persuade other as well.

You still have a good name Toshiba, leave before you lose that too.

Ureval3747d ago

Know when to quit Toshiba. I was on board for HDDVD but you lost sooooo...go away now.

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The story is too old to be commented.