Xbox creator: It’s hard for Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft to ignore the Apple experience

Ed Fries, co-creator of Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console, believes it is harder for gaming platform makers Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft to ignore the gaming and app experience that Apple has created, highlighting the iPhone and iPad maker’s creation of a platform that is easy to develop for and affordable for gamers.

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SandWitch1972d ago

But it's easy for gamers

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Microsoft is the worst of the 3. imo..

I mean they are in direct competition with apple and want to be them & they are obsessed with trying to get wii like sales from the casual. And the casual mobile market with windows 8 app store, surface, windows 8 phones coming. They basically try to have an ipad, macbook, iphone thing going on.

3 or 4 eclusive core games on xbox & 61 kinect xbox exclusives. 11 kinect games announced for 2012.

Can't wait to see if MS really makes a casual version of xbox. I will make popcorn.

All three have to deliver to the casual market and people who mostly want a media hub.

But loosing sight of the loyal gamers is the worse.

Nintendo wants to go back to their core gamers.

Sony well business as usual.

And MS has it's head in the clouds while they just throw another halo bone to their loyal puppy like follower who get to pay for the privilege to play online.

steam = free, psn = free, wiiU online = free, xbox live = pay, xbox live gold = pay more.

nukeitall1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Catering to the core gamer is quickly becoming a niche market, and if you don't embrace new business models you will soon find yourself in the same shoes blackberry is.

Just look at Sony's last decade and where their stock price is now and how their bonds are rated junk by major financial institutions.

"Nintendo wants to go back to their core gamers."

Because Nintendo already got the casual market. It's about expanding your market, not just maintaining your market. That's a recipe for failing business and bankruptcy.

Just take a good look at what Sony says, does and where they are headed. They seem to go hand in hand.

"steam = free, psn = free, wiiU online = free, xbox live = pay, xbox live gold = pay more."

First of all, how is "Xbox Live" pay when you also list "Gold"?

Also, isn't it telling if competitors are offering something free, yet people choose to pay?

Hint, it might have something to do with it's still worth it! If you don't use XBL on a regular basis (or where those fanboy shades), you probably won't get it.

ALLWRONG1972d ago

More people buy core games on the 360 than all the other platforms combined.

SephirothX211972d ago

Let's not forget that MS is behind DirectX which is the graphics API used my most games on PC and 360. They're also behind PC and Visual Studio which is used to write the code in the first place. Also, try write code in objective c and then in c# and tell me which is better.

Ryan_Hay1971d ago

"More people buy core games on the 360 than all the other platforms combined."

Whats actually pathetic is that you probably believe that.

ALLWRONG1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Name one core franchise (single game or combined) other than COD, that has sold 10+ million in the past 7 years on PS3 or PC.

Here, I'll Google search it for you.......................... searching................ searching.......... sorry but Google search has timed out, please try again later, or when they actually exist.

Ryan_Hay1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

i don't even understand the point you're trying to make.How does one franchise equate to all core gamers buying on 360?

Off the top of my head i know GT5 is at 9 million (probably more by now) & GT:Prologue is at 5 million.

The uncharted games as well are easily over 10 million by now.Don't even get me started on PC games.Jesus man, are you just delusional or what? Good lord.Seek medical help!

andibandit1971d ago

I see that nukeitall has more disagrees than agrees, but im afraid he's spot on.

Also as a gamer you think you might be able to ignore it, but the Game Developers that supply you with your gaming drug, wont ignore it, and will by all probabillity follow $ wherever it leads them.

Oh_Yeah1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

@ Ryan_Hay are you serious? It's fact that most multiplats sell more on 360 than pc, ps3, and wii.. Sometimes even combined. Check vg chartz if you think otherwise. Your attacking another member when your the one whose wrong... Wtf dude? Always research before assuming something, that applies to everything, or your just going to sound ignorant.

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AfricanGamer9ja1972d ago

@GynGa well said, you took the words from my mouth, I cannot understand how people can choose ipad over a proper gaming console :/

Gamer781972d ago

I have to agree, I have never owned an Apple product and I will not pay for a device is not made to last. Not to mention the fact that these things are ridiculously priced.

USMC_POLICE1971d ago

So you must not own an xbox then :) good choice

1972d ago
phinch1972d ago

i want to ignore that curtain fringe

Wintersun6161972d ago

True! It's very hard to ignore a truck sized pile of shit.


DestinyHeroDoomlord1972d ago

Very interesting... And $40,000 daammnn thats like R400,000 which is stupid crazy. How could it be that much?

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