Unreal Tournament III - "the antidote to your Counter-Strike-itis"

With the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament III just about to hit PAL territories more reviews of the game, including this one from Gameplayer. It praises the quality of the port from PC, but suggests that the game is let down by a host of missing features.

"But charm doesn't cover Epic Games over one of the harshest criticism we'd level at Unreal Tournament III: it's little more than an update. A map pack."

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SlappingOysters3745d ago

Used the logitech keyboard and mouse for PS3 with this game yet?

Fishy Fingers3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )


well kind of, my wireless keyboard was having problems but i just used a simple Dell USB k/b and my G7 logitech wireless mouse and i must say they really work a charm.

Its basically exactly the same as playing on the PC and you'll be fragging pad users all day long!

Armyless3745d ago

Are you forced to play on servers with other Mouse/Keyboard players?

Fishy Fingers3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

i have spend countless hours fragging on UT (and getting fragged myself lol), sure it might not have alot of depth, the story is poor, the single player is basically nothing more than training but, and its the most important but, its FUN, super FUN infact, and with a huge community backing the game up you'll never get bored of the same old map rotation or game type.

I fully recommend any PS3 owning FPS fan to pick this game up, forget about how many copies were sold or what scores some website gave it, give it a rent, i promise you'll enjoy yourself!


---SLUG---3745d ago

Good graphics, and fun to play some of the time, but I refuse to own a game where the main gameplay mechanic is flawed. Shooting....... most of the time when playing an online match, the shooting is lagged. Never had a problem with any other game, so its not my connection, and the matches I connect to have a relatively low ping. Kind of ridiculous that in an online only game (for the most part) they can't even get the thing to run properly (press the shoot button, delay, then see the gun fire, delay, then see the bullet fly). It made me laugh until I realized I had just spent $60 on that garbage.

benihya3744d ago

if it is $4.99 or less, i will buying day one
this good for blind fire.