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#1ReasonWhy: A glance at this whole shibang - The Gaming Vault

Connor White says: "It’s probably symbolic in its own right, the culmination of what’s been a very feminist-focused year. Through the many events which have sparked discussion and argument over various facets of the industry, this hashtag is closing the year with an impression that few will soon forget.

I hope." (Industry)

borisfett  +   505d ago
The majority of people who criticize this thing are the same people who will probably end up being wife beating homewreckers as adults. Gaming needs to grow up. Unfortunately, there is little chase of that happening in an industry where the main form of exposure is essentially a toy.
yesmynameissumo  +   505d ago
I think it's a joke. Now, I'd spend the time writing exactly why I think it's a joke, but I have to beat my wife and do some homewrecking.
kil1ertofu  +   505d ago
As someone who refuses to use a mic on any FPS game because of constant ridicule and the sudden departure of everyone in the server (or the reverse which is a bunch of guys offering to send me pics of their junk), I'm glad this is coming to the light.

It'd be nice if we could all you know... just play games.
Herminator  +   505d ago
A screencap of N4G not exactly helping gamers' perspective on women: http://i.imgur.com/o5csZ.pn...
kil1ertofu  +   505d ago
borisfett  +   505d ago
Hahaha. Oh brother...
Bitsnark  +   505d ago
Cracking little piece this. A nice dose of perspective indeed.

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