Let’s Play Halo 4 Spartan Ops

Here is another Let's Play. This time we take on the Halo 4 Co-op mode Spartan Ops. Witness as a first time halo player gets their feet wet in convent blood!

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grayfoxx8811841d ago

Am I the only one that is extremely disappointed with Spartan Ops? I think it's great that the community is getting free, weekly content, but it seems like no effort is being put into it. I thought the campaign was brilliant, and I'm completely addicted to the mp, so maybe that's why Spartan Ops pales in comparison to the rest of the game. If 343 would stop reusing the same maps and vary up the objectives other than pushing buttons and...pushing buttons, it might be actually worth playing. Maybe more Ops with the Mantis.

Psychonaughty1841d ago

Totally agree, it's like an afterthought compared to the rest of the admittedly quality game.