The Today Show Fails at the Wii U

Kotaku: Yesterday morning's Today Show featured the Wii U, the hot new Nintendo console that's like a tablet merged with a game console.

Should be great for live TV, right? Not quite, as you can see above.

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pixelsword1818d ago

Dolled-up women not good at playing games, not that's a rarity worthy of a story.

Army_of_Darkness1818d ago

Is a Nintendo representative that couldn't even get the game to start.

TXIDarkAvenger1818d ago

You think they would be trained eh?

pixelsword1818d ago

@ Army:

Big deal; you see it all the time at E3; just like when Sony debuted that book; their representative couldn't get it to work for a few moments before it actually worked.

Again, NOT news.

admiralvic1818d ago

It's really not that shocking... Look at Sony and the Wonderbook E3 presentation lol.

ATi_Elite1818d ago

(Breaks out the Lotion)

Who give a crap about the WiiU when you have the GORGEOUS Tamron Hall standing there! OMG so smart so pretty so curvy!

...and the Blond chick DOES NOT work for Nintendo...she is Kelly Wallace a reporter for iVillage!

but yeh the tech heads in the studio should of had the darn thing working!

FunkMacNasty1818d ago

Tameron Hall is definitley a beautiful woman... So is Erin Burnett for that matter...and S.E. Cupp, even though she's a right wing tool.

mmmm... I love me a hot newscastress.

ATi_Elite1818d ago

Hot Newscatresses are the new Super Models in my opinion!

Sexy and Smart!

deep_fried_bum_cake1818d ago

She almost called the gamepad an iPad.

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