PixelJunk Eden trailer contains quirky graphics, intrigue

It's at this point that PS3 Fanboy truly forgive Q-Games for the travesty that was PixelJunk Racers. PixelJunk Monsters had an awesome graphic style to it, not to mention its rock solid (and rock hard) gameplay and now the latest game in the series, PixelJunk Eden looks to follow suit.

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TheHater3801d ago

wow, that look simple, but yet fun.

decapitator3801d ago

Sony is definitely stepping it up big times in terms originality. With this and Echochrome and yet to be unveiled exclusives at GDC and E3, you can help but just be happy to be in the Sony family.

Great Post. Thanks.

Darkiewonder3801d ago

you have to check out the trailer on their site. it's a much better quality. but imagine on a 1080p set. it would absolutely be amazing. From what I read on a forum. they are really pushing the ps3. [it may look simple but i'll pack quite a punch]

Doctor Strange3801d ago

PJ Monsters was great and this looks interesting. Can't wait to see more and I like the fact that each title goes into a different direction.

meepmoopmeep3801d ago

it looks pretty sweet. (at above - thanks for the heads up about their site)

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The story is too old to be commented.