The Best way to lure TV Watchers back from gaming? Games! Duh

Who's taking serious games seriously? Television networks. With network execs bolting out of bed in a cold sweat at the thought of a generation raised on games thumbing their noses at their programming ideas, the business of selling TV shows to gamers is becoming a viable business. At today's Serious Games Summit, reps from a trio of developers clued attendees in on the task of motivating lapsed TV watchers back to the soft blue glow of passive

Randy Brown of Virtual Heroes talked of the Discovery Channel's desire to create "buzz" for their $21 million mini-series Race To Mars, an investment that ultimately resulted in the Unreal Engine-powered Mission Two, one of many video games inspired by and intended to promote the mini-series. More robust than your typical Flash game, Mission Two packs a lot into its 56MB download, including online multiplayer.

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