It only does disappointment

Game Critics: Since becoming a PlayStation 3-only owner, after my Xbox 360 tanked on me last month, it's become apparent how much that at least some PS3 versions of multiplatform games are sub-standard. Frame rates falter, some visual effects don't look quite right, and a smattering of other issues put these games a notch below their Xbox 360 counterparts. There are notorious examples of PS3 sub-standard offerings, such as the ill-fated version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. There's growing chatter that Call of Duty: Black Ops II has notable issues with crashing and with online connectivity.

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PaPa-Slam2000d ago

Now you're clutching at straws buddy.

-Mezzo-2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Ok, let me get this right. His Xbox failed on him & he's not sure if he'll buy the next Playstation.


Dee_912000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

OH it gets deeper my son.
He's blaming the ps3 instead of developers for "crappy "ports.. and "crappy" ports is his reason for questioning rather he should get the next PS despite the fact his xbox is failing.
#irony #2008alloveragain #troll #lookingforhits #failedhard

360ICE2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Ha, I didn't even think that far!
I don't really like these stories all that much. They're about as interesting as "I hate my job" or "I love my mom" updates on facebook.

No likes for you, son.

Well, I guess they're more like "I hate my job BECAUSE" updates. Which are slightly more interesting, but still kinda lame.

pixelsword2000d ago Show
Relientk772000d ago

Hmmm now that you put it that way, must be a really hard decision /s

BattleAxe2000d ago Show
EVILDEAD3602000d ago

The backstory for the article makes no sense.

Look we see all the troll articles that come at all 3 consoles..and this is definately one of em'

But, I can't see pretending that Sony will EVER have a system that developers have issues with again.

I see both MS and Sony learning from everything that didn't go well this gen and both coming strong next gen.


2000d ago
DeadlyFire1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

Yup. A WiiU owner to be it looks like haha.

X360 launched first so it is the base platform for every multiplatform game that gets ported. That is just how the game works. PS2 era when the PS2 launched first every game got ported from PS2 up to other consoles.

Although if rumors are true next time around all x86 design for both consoles would make porting issues vaporize. So we won't see as many issues and patches as the transition from PC, PS4, XB3 should be effortless. WiiU is the only one with RISC tech so it will require a shift, but that is only if rumors are true of x86 in next consoles. Could just be PS4 with x86. If so it would still favor developers and could convince them to develop on PS4/PC first even if launching later than XB3.

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mewhy321999d ago

LOL I can't believe that people are still blaming the developers for the problems on ps3. wow. after 5 years I'm pretty sure that multi-million dollar world class developers know what they're doing. Divided RAM and the RSX are the problems here. Don't get me wrong I LOVE my ps3 and my xbox, playing the hound out of GT5 right now (which is absolutely amazing BTW) but that's a game made exclusively for the ps3 and can't be compared to another system. I usually play all my multi console stuff on my xbox and the exclusive stuff on my ps3. But really i think it's high time that people stop blaming the developers for the ps3 problems and just get on with it.

negative1999d ago

I agree. Just sold my PS3 and I'm going all Xbox from here on out. It's clearly the best console and will be next gen as well.

DragonKnight1999d ago

Ok, there is either a glitch in this site, or someone doesn't know how to mod. How is pixelsword's comment trolling? This is a blatant troll article anyone can see for miles and pixelsword told the absolute truth as can be seen by A) Reading the article or B) Reading the general tone of the comments on this thread. How is he trolling?

How is BattleAxe's comment a personal attack? The author hasn't made himself known on the comment thread so BattleAxe didn't make a reply to him that could qualify as a personal attack.

I mean seriously? That's some pathetic and undeserved censoring right there. This article is full of crap and garbage like this shouldn't be approved. It can't even be a case of N4G allowing this stuff for hits since this site is a news aggregator and already gets a metric f*ckton of hits already. *sigh*

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Darrius Cole1999d ago

Yes Mezzo that struck me as ironic. A man with a broken 360 is complaining about his PS3, which didn't break down on him.

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dedicatedtogamers2000d ago

"Bawwww I miss my 360 because it tanked on me, but instead of blaming Microsoft for building crappy hardware or instead of spending money to buy a new one, I'll blame Sony for the PS3 that HASN'T broken on me. Bawww"

Oh, how I wish my "problems" were as simple as the author's.

camel_toad2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

"Oh, how I wish my "problems" were as simple as the author's."

Exactly. Poor guy. It must be rough.

smashcrashbash2000d ago

Yeah I must be hard to get attention from people so he has to write crappy articles to get it.Wasn't an article like this already approve before?

bloodybutcher2000d ago

@ smashcrashbash
well, he got your attention:P and of some other folks, so it seems to work^^ don't judge others just because they write pointless articles and miss the point completely:P we've all been there...well, probably not.whatever:D

FACTUAL evidence2000d ago

Maybe his ps3 didn't break because he didn't play it as much....Oh well, both consoles are BS this gen between the two.

PickAShoe1999d ago

modern tragedy.. meanwhile in syria, civilian are being executed.

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chukamachine2000d ago

And there are many multiplats that look and run better on PS3.

For all other games, differences are minimal.

HammadTheBeast2000d ago

Final Fantasy XIII proved that Third Party Devs can easily make stunning visuals on PS3, visuals that were held back by the 360 nd Square's laziness the second time around. Also, the game's were bad for FF games. But that's unrelated.

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P_Bomb1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

Portal 2, LA Noire, Saints Row 3, Just Cause 2, Tomb Raider Underworld, AC Revelations, BF3, Hitman's not just FF13. All the above have better something-or-others on the PS3 side as per digital foundry or LOT, be it tearing, frames, bloom, native res', whatever.

But as you've said, you don't buy any multiplats on the PS3 side ever, so you wouldn't know.

The article in general, is a pointless excercise in entitlement.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2000d ago

At least sony had a few days off. Back to doom articles..

nerdkiller2000d ago

yeah its a bummer 3rd partys suck on ps3 but i love my ps3 for games like god of war and uncharted those two games alone are reason enough too buy a ps3, oh and free online and blueray

superterabyte1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

TBH they don't suck I have never had a problem with 3rd party games. However saying that, Call of duty is significantly worse at launch. I wonder why that is? /s

ILive1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

Clearly, not all multi plat games look better or perform better on the 360. The differences are now minimal and close to nothing as opposed to the launch games.

Sony3602000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

As someone who owns pretty much every gaming platform, I never buy multi-plat games on the Ps3.


Still, the exclusives look stunning so here's to having access to the best of everything.

ILive1999d ago

People are so bent on thinking all multi plats are better on the 360 that they actually skip the better version that is on the PS3. Oh people!

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showtimefolks1999d ago

psn:plus free content
god of war
all the HD collections
bluray player
build in wifi since day one
free online play

so yeah it only disappoints.

andibandit1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

for the billionth time, it's not "Free"

oh a disagree, well I stand corrected, it's "Free" after you've paid for it.....

jeseth1999d ago

you forgot

Heavy Rain, Demons Souls, Valkyrie Chronicles, MGS4, Heavenly Sword, MLB The Show, LBP, etc. etc. etc.

PS has the most high quality exclusives and I didn't even go into the PSN Gems on the PS3 (Pixel junk, Fat Princess, etc.)

Plus they gave us an update that made our PS3s 3D Blu Ray Players. Saving us all another couple hundred bucks.

Yeah, really dissapointing.

jeseth1999d ago

@ bandit ...

So you buy both consoles, 360 and PS3.

You turn them on and immediately go to play online.

Do you need to buy a subscription to play COD, for example, on 360? Yes.

How about on PS3? No.

So yeah, online play is free. No subscription required.

You have to buy a console either way.

Kingdom Come1999d ago

If you disagree so strongly with the writer, and believe his opinion to be a joke, then why did you upload the article?

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WilliamH2000d ago

This is all we have had to listen to for the past six years. PS3 vs 360, every day on N4G, it's constant, tiring & very very boring.

Boody-Bandit2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Which is why I have practically become a ghost on N4G. It's the same damn thing all the time. Way too much repetitive trash gets approved. I would say wake me when next gen gets here but it will be the same doom and gloom articles and us vs them mantra all over again.

Rupee2000d ago

Can you think of any other site as an alternative? I am genuinely tired of seeing the same articles over and over again. It's almost depressing. I only stay here because of the few good articles I wouldn't have found otherwise.

blackbeld2000d ago

Its sadly on every gaming site the same. PS3 VS 360.

N4G is still a place to be (Like a ghost).

Tetsujin2000d ago

I've been going to lately, N4G should change it's name to "Rumors 4 Gamers" hosted by Kotaku.

On a serious note I'm sick of these blogs hating on PS3 for stupid nonsense and issues that less than 2% face. Instead of hating on the PS3 why not hate on companies like Treyarch or Bethesda for half-assing ports to favor one system.

Toolster2000d ago

And before you know it, it's will start all over again with PS4 vs 720 (or whatever they call it) :(

Enjoy your system, enjoy your games and chill

DOMination-2000d ago

You're right and I am tired of it too. But the reason why is because articles like this STILL become the hottest on N4G. I'm positive this one will be top within the next few hours.

dafegamer2000d ago

at least the ps3 has the better exclusives :P

bloodybutcher2000d ago

i think it's funny that after all those years people still are trying to prove that one is better then the other.

PygmelionHunter2000d ago

Don't leave out the doom articles and redundant top 10 lists.

punisher991999d ago

You can thank these 360 fanboys for that. Last gen you didn't hear a peep from the xbox crowd.

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CalvinKlein2000d ago Show
Canthar2000d ago

Just buy the console you want. It's your money. Both have ups and downs. Decide for yourself...

Pwnage182022000d ago

That is probably one of the smartest things I have seen on N4G!

TheBatman_Fanatic1999d ago

I know a few idiots who needs to read this comment!

ILive1999d ago

Yeah, that is what this guy did. But he did it in the most bias of ways, using the abused excuses.