PS2 Breaks $100 Barrier

Starting February 24 (ie this Sunday), Target stores across the US will be selling slim PS2s for $99.

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permutated3747d ago

If I can find a white one I need to buy it.

TruthBTold3747d ago

they have the white ps3 bundle with singstar

rofldings3747d ago

That's white PS2 + singstar bundle was actually $99 on Amazon last week. Bought one as a gift, great deal.

bdigital2133747d ago

The $40 gift card for PS3 now this. I might start buying games at Target now just to support these great deals.

GodsHand3746d ago

Watch out. I bought a Game cube game new release, and it had the target insignia printed on the box insert.

Silellak3747d ago


The price drop ensures the PS2's victory, and proves the inevitable triumph of DVD over VHS in the format war. Finally we can all stop living in the past and embrace the future.

Regret3747d ago

DVD never battled VHS in format war. Sony and Toshiba merged their projects (MultiMedia CD and Super Density disc) to create CD. DVD is just succesor of it.

undacovabrothe3747d ago

I dont expect any focus on ps2 after this year Sony are prob just squeezing the last bit of juice out of the ps2 to help fund their powerhouse ps3

EZCheez3747d ago

It could sell at least another 5 million at that price point.

Hell, if they repackaged it with some sort of motion sensing controller, it could be some serious competition for the Wii. Actually, it already is.

I've said it before and i'll say it again. Sony has found the perfect stride as far as console lifespans go. Seven years and counting is astounding. I will never forget all of the great games I played on my PS2.

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The story is too old to be commented.