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Zombi U Review | gamrReview

gamrReview: "In recent years the ‘zombie apocalypse’ has become a staple in movies, TV shows, books and, of course, video games. So when Zombi U was first announced you could be forgiven for giving it the cold, dead shoulder for being 'just another’ zombie game. But those brave enough to dive into its post-apocalyptic underbelly will find a rewarding, challenging and terrifying experience that, while it doesn’t push the Wii U’s capabilities, does take advantage of its unique features to deliver something very refreshing." (Wii U, ZombiU) 8.2/10

jbgamer  +   508d ago
hey this is cool, again another honest review! and I am the only one posting!! this baby will slide down in about an hour, to make room for more negative biased reviews, those are the ones sony and microsoft fans like posting on, not these, no these are showing that wii u fans can have a great game too, nnnaaahh we nintendo fans are not allowed to have that!
PygmelionHunter  +   508d ago
Ok jbgamer, please don't take this badly my fellow Nintendo gamer but, now your comments just seem desperate, don't pay attention to negative reviews and fanboys and just go play the freaking game, I wish I could.

If you get too worked up about that kind of stuff, you might as well quit N4G before it drives you insane.
FriedGoat  +   508d ago
Hey guys, don't worry. Although the Wii U is pretty dire at the moment and you and the other 400,000 people are trying to justify your purchase. Just remember Mario and Zelda will be coming at some point and then all the blind 9's and 10s will start appearing.
jbgamer  +   508d ago
No i am just sad when i see all the gamers go should i get this game i hear it is bad? I have to keep telling them that they should rent the game, and make up their own mind,so no i have to keep this up, i am not gonna stop until people quit going to places that are biased like IGN, they are biased, they are owned by Rupert Murdolch, enough said.

You seem nice but i am trying to fight misinformation here you know? I am not a fan of the people who lie about a game I am glad there are those who see through the lies though, and make up their own mind. And believe it or not I helped a lot of people if this helps people see through the lies my friend i did my job.
evilbart  +   508d ago
After watching a couple of episodes of a letsplay on youtube of this game I am definetely getting it looks great
TheNocturnus  +   508d ago
This game is great. Most sites reviewed it as a FPS and not a survival horror game. It is difficult, has a creepy and suspenseful atmosphere and is fun as hell. The graphics are not the best I have seen but they are still good. The rain effects on the other hand are gorgeous.
megamanX2  +   508d ago
It's a 1st generation game which is better than most that comes out the same time a new system does.
Sketchy_Galore  +   508d ago
The name still irritates me. It sounds like a school for zombies.
jbgamer  +   508d ago
@FriedGoat Poor fried goat LOL i can justify my purchase of a wii u, and with Zombie u, mario u, and ninja gaiden 3 RE, hey can you justify your purchase of 5 360's (Red rings of death) lol

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