Is Gaming Really to Blame? The Videogame FPS vs. The Real Life FPS

Gaming Steve writes,

"Gaming has recently been attacked yet again in the media following another terrible America school shooting. Mainly, games are being lauded as training tools for the perpetrators of these crimes, so I thought I would take my FPS skills into the paintball arena to see if games really have conditioned me to deal with shooting people and dealing with the consequences, and thus prove if they are to blame for society's ills."

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stonedog3830d ago

Typical blame video games for shootings. Careless storage of a video game disc causes a death shooting. America keeps doing this run around the real problem and that is the availability of guns. Before video games it was violent movies or rock music.

The right to actually buy guns is a constitutional right and not be challenged in the US b/c of the the NRA a powerful lobby group that is funded by very profitable gun makers.

Yes there are people out there who are easily influenced and may be stimulated by video games; but the reality is that they could just as easily be influenced a movie a tv program or something on the internet. But ultimately if these people can buy can get guns they are empowered to wreak havoc on their victims and their families.

In reality this blame game only distract from the real issue which is effective gun control.

mariusmal3830d ago

they are just going to where the money is. and they always something to blame. years ago it was the comics, then the tv, next was the music, and now is games. next ? who knows.

essien3829d ago

conservative white middle class people always find something in mainstream media to blame for their children's so called "corruption". in the 50s and 60s, they blamed the movies for corrupting their children. in the 70s they blamed it on drugs and music. in the 80s they blamed it on communism and soviet russia. in the 90s it was rap music and mtv. and now it's our generation and they've directed their attention to video games.

and not once does it occur to them that maybe the reason their children are out partying, having sex, doing whatever it is kids do is because of their terrible parenting. they ALWAYS seek to blame something else. the only comforting thing about this is that eventually it'll move from video games to something else, judging by the trend.