Playstation All-Stars Is No Super Smash Bros. Brawl, It’s Better

Long time Smash player and DualShockers writer Paul LaCen talks about what PASBR brings to the table. Sony may not have Mario and Link in its roster, but it does have a strong combat system, spectacular netcode, and a caring development team.

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Donnieboi1842d ago

Agreed. It may be missing Nintendo's charm, and presentation...but the gameplay is more hardcore. I see all my pro fighting game friends addicted to this game. It makes u want to stick with it and improve your skill.

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live2play1842d ago

Haha adorable
no man yea totally unbiased

Blastoise1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

You haven't played it. So before you (of all people) start talking about being biased and unbiased. Why not give the game a chance?

Heaven forbid you might actually prefer it to Smash Bro's

HarryMasonHerpderp1842d ago


No point in trying to reason with all of the PS All Star trolls.
They seem to be incapable of actually trying something else that they might enjoy instead of constantly bashing the game saying duhhhh it a Smash Bro clone duhhhh.
People can be so pathetic it's obviously taken things from Smash Bros but it's also taken things from many fighting games, mashed them altogether and come up with something VERY different but instead of trying it out they just whine about it and post their hate all over EVERY PS All Stars article over the internet.

Temporary1842d ago

While the haters hate from afar, lets just continue to beat the shit out of eachother and keep having fun with this game.

Theyre only missing out on another awesome playstation experience, cause chances are the people hating on All Stars are the same people who hate on every exclusive game released on the console.

Theyre not gamers, they just pretend to be.

Outside_ofthe_Box1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

Oh boy.

People look. PSA and Smash Bros play completely differently and require different skill sets it's as simple as that.

As far as "better" goes if you're talking about overall presentation and polish or game as a whole I'd give Smash Bros the nod, but in terms of gameplay it comes down to preference. I personally like the gameplay for both. I don't prefer anyone over the other. These games require different thought process in order to succeed in their respective games. Which is why I give SuperBot ton of credit because the game doesn't play like Smash at all for a supposed "clone."

But most people can't accept that. It's either play like Smash or it's trash. Wish people were more open minded.

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Army_of_Darkness1842d ago

Switch it the other way around and say ps all stars came before super smash brawl. I can guarantee you that ps all stars will rate much higher than ssbb, since ssbb will be the one considered the clone. So yeah, I would say the media is biased.

Mykky1840d ago

It would probably be rated a bit higher but SSBB would most probably get the same 10/10 scores it got because it had 500% more content, did a lot of things that were new and made some things better.

mcstorm1842d ago

I agree this game is not as good as Smash Bros but that dose not mean it is a poor game and it is by far a poor game.

I am loving the game and really impressed on how it works on the PSV.

TheTwelve1842d ago

Couldn't agree more.

As far as the fighting is concerned; I'm an oldschool guy who grew up on the SF and Tekken franchise. Let me assure anybody concerned --- this game is true, deep fighting. Technique, strategy, countering, dodging, close range and long range, levels that change as you fight --- this game is very, very addicting.


vickers5001842d ago

Based on what I've played of the beta, I disagree. I've only played Super Smash Bros Brawl at a friends house (I myself don't even have a Wii, so I am not biased towards SSB), but based on what I've played, SSB is a hell of a lot more fun to play than playstation all stars.

Not to say PSAS isn't fun, because it is, but in my opinion, SSB just seems much smoother and faster. Most of it is probably because I prefer the acrobatic stage death type gameplay though.

TheTwelve1842d ago

Let me just assure you that the beta for this game was just that --- a beta. In this gen, betas seem to be just hype for the real game --- little is changed. When it comes to PSAS, the beta was truly no indication of the final product. I was turned off by the beta too and wasn't planning on buying the gaming. I bought it because of a video I saw. This game is as fast and as smooth as it gets. --- 12

vickers5001842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

That's good to know, I had similar thoughts about the beta. And what you said is true, betas very rarely tend to be different from the final product. If you say it's pretty different then that gives me hope.

Well, I'm currently awaiting the free Vita version I got with my Black Friday AC3:L Vita Bundle. I'll get to see for myself whether or not I'll like it.


Yeah, I am comparing a beta to a full game, because more than 90% of the betas/demos I've ever played always end up being representative of the controls that are in the final game, they are almost never different.

And I like Smash Bros because it doesn't require you to be a fighting vet. I'm not a fan of fighting games, but something as fun, fast paced and easy as Smash Bros I do like, and since PSAR seems to be very similar to Smash Bros, I might like that as well.

kopicha1842d ago

lol you compare a Beta to a full game? Give me a break. Having play both games (full games not some demo or beta, lol) I would say both are equally fun games. But PSAR did one thing more than SSB that is having a much deeper game play. It is much more tactical in PSAR and characters understanding is much more impt that one need to in SSB. Fun aspect honestly no one win, unless you are specific fanboy to a certain mascot is where makes you think its more fun. Both games can be pick up play by anyone. But PSAR does have one step forward in deeper learning curve to actually master the game which is something essential for a fighting game vet.

Heisenburger1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

I'm gonna have to agree with Mr. Twelve on this one.

I was NOT impressed with the beta.

I bought it on impulse, and I honestly love it. I'm always playing shooters, whether in the first or third person, with my roommate and it's great to have something so different than the norm.

I'm really impressed with how they made each *character's move set.

My personal favorite is Jak. Every little detail just feels perfect. Unfortunately, he is not my best character haha.

Anyway, I did not like the beta but I love the final product.

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taz80801842d ago

Parapa is my crack in that game. Lol

soundslike1842d ago

Toro main checkin' in.

Nothing feels better than beating a bunch of kratos and raiden noobs with toro. I can only imagine how they feel.

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garos821842d ago

this game is incredible. all the characters, with the exception of the coles, are unique and differ greatly. each character plays and feels completely different from each other. with so many quirks and nuances to discover with them. the game has slight balancing issues imo but not enough to make it feel cheap. the gameplay is fast and frantic and requires alot of strategic thinking.
my only problem with the game is not having option to have 1 vs 1 games online without inviting a friend to a versus match as well as lacklustre unlockables and presentation. going solely on gameplay it gets a 9.5 from me.

and ps it feels VERY different to smash bros

PygmelionHunter1842d ago

Does anyone know if a demo will eventually be available on the PSN store?

garos821842d ago

good question. i dont think so to be honest cause they had the public beta for a while. although no harm in them putting a demo for people to try out.

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