Q Games Reveals PixelJunk Eden and PixelJunk Dungeons

In the final Independent Games Summit lecture of Monday, Kyoto, Japan-based Q Games' Dylan Cuthbert discussed the PixelJunk series for the PS3's PlayStation Network, revealing the psychedelic PSN titles PixelJunk Eden and PixelJunk Dungeons. He then explained the thinking and development behind the series.

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xplosneer3715d ago

I'll have to check these ones out.

sonarus3715d ago

these guys are on a roll with psn content

Tempist3714d ago

Easy, cheap and mass released games. As an added bonus, PSP integration. Q-Games rocks.

TheDarkHado3715d ago

Monsters is CRACK in video game form.

EZCheez3715d ago

Let's hope they can keep the ball rolling, because if they make anything as good as Monsters, I'm a guaranteed buyer.

Ragnarok3715d ago

First let me say... Racers certainly is not a strong single player game. But it can be quite the party game. Getting 3-4 people playing and unlocking all the different modes is quite fun.

Now that I have more than 4 controllers due to a recent DS3 purchase, I'll certainly go back for 5 player mayhem. :) Has anyone player Racers with the max 7 players?

Keep the new PSN games coming PixelJunk!