Do video games have a motion picture-like future?

Today's cutting-edge video games have the look and sound of movies; some even have blockbuster budgets. But even game developers concede that their creations usually lack the emotional impact of a great film or book.

Bridging that gap will be a key topic at the Game Developers Conference this week in San Francisco, a five-day gathering that attracts the industry's talent pool.

One of the speakers, "God-game" legend Peter Molyneux - he created Populous, Black & White and The Movies - will reveal his plan to emotionally connect players in his latest in-development game, Fable 2. It arrives this year for the Microsoft Xbox 360.

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i_like_ff73833d ago

Games like mgs, hl2 and final fantasy have been doing this for years now.

Ureval3833d ago

Respectfully I disagree. While I cant remark on FF series, I have played Half-life and 1 of the MGS games. While i think the Half life series definately is a HUGE step in the right direction, if the MGS series was translated to the big screen it would come off as hokey and overly melodramatic.

But then again, Ive never seen the draw of the MGS series so Im a bad person to ask. When I heard MGS4 was coming out I decided to check out a past one (Twin Snakes I think) and I couldnt finish it. If I was to point out a good cinematic game I would go with Splinter Cell.

But yeah, if I was to point out a game that really puts you in the drivers seat i would site Half Life 2, especially the episodes. If games want to become more "cinematic" then developers need to come up with ways to engage the player in the story.

Thus far I think Alyx is the most groundbreaking example of a game element that makes you feel part of the world. PLaying HL2 you really feel anxious to reunite with her, more, perhaps, then actually seeing the game play out. In fact, if Half Life has any flaws I would say its the way your relationship with Alyx is more engaging then the story itself.

Imagine if Bioshock had an NPC like Alyx. THAT would be the best of both worlds.

Feel free to disagree and call me names.

cmrbe3833d ago

its heading that way and i am all for it as i am a huge movie fan as well. The day i play a movie like a game would be the day i say gaming is perfect. HS and Uncharted are big step in the right direction.

Xbox is the BEST3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

15 to 20 years from now consoles should be able to produce CGI graphics gameplay.

PlayStation3603832d ago

it could even be sooner than that.

kira9893833d ago

It all comes down to the people playing them... People go to the movies expecting to become emotionally connected with the characters. But when it comes to playing a game people aren't really focused on characters...

It depends on the person playing, and how seriously they look at the story in Video games... because you get plenty of people who go through an entire game and skip all the cutscenes...