PS3 Hits 10.5 Million Sold

An Associated Press business article, dedicated mostly to the impending conclusion of that stupid, distracting "format war", has buried in its conclusion some PS3 sales figures. According to the piece, Sony have now sold 10.5 million PS3 consoles since launch. Which is good news for them, as it puts them squarely on track to meet their goal of selling 11 million by the end of March, a target they set themselves last December. Oh, before you go, those who like to dabble in the odd bit of conjecture and speculation should note that it's been Sony policy for a while now to count "sold" as a customer buying it from retail, not retail buying it from Sony.

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Jeebus3745d ago

please don't type in all caps...We can 'hear' you in lowercase too.

Lifendz3745d ago

Sony is doing well and good for them. Looks like the 399.99 price point is just right for the general public. Once their big releases come out it'll only get better.

TheHater3745d ago

and it seems that VGchartz is off by about 1 million units.

TheHater3745d ago

well it 470, 000. thanks dude.

ruibing3745d ago

Then let's hope that in the long run, the 470,000 units would mean nothing.

xplosneer3745d ago

No, let's hope it matters. If it doesn't matter than there is no competition relevant=bad.

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pwnmaster30003745d ago

well not dat suprising, da ps3 is catching so expect it will be close or same user base in mid 09 with da 360
and not over imagining it and saying it will be ahead by end of 08

CaliGamer3745d ago

You can write better than this. Seriously, you can't write the same way you talk bro. I know its more convenient at times to shorten words and use common vernacular, but take some pride in expressing your thoughts and use proper English.

Just a suggestion, I have heard you make some good points but your use of words is horrible.

On topic, I mostly agree with what you said.

pwnmaster30003745d ago

im sorry but i just got used to it

games4fun3745d ago

at all the naysayers and there crystal balls of doom.

masterg3745d ago

I remember when I challenged TheMart to make a bet with me when he said Sony would not get anywhere near these numbers.
Of course the wimp didn't want to.

INehalemEXI3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

I adopted 1 of those 10.5 millions. :D Grats @ Sony. If you fold @ home you may have seen me Im one of those yellow dots over in CA.

edit: lol @ disagree someones tripping off folding @ home lol. We just trying to help doc's.

games4fun3745d ago

i'm a yellow dot in michigan

Amp3745d ago

as a chronic disease guy myself, i just want to say thanks for your help, and bubbles for may not save me in my lifetime, but my kids-thanks again

INehalemEXI3745d ago

Thank you,Back @ yah with a bubble Amp. My grams died of cancer I thought it was genious of them to collaborate and take advantage of all that idle proccessing power. Hopefully you get a good treatment for your disease one day where ever it comes from.

CaliGamer3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

By the way, did they ever conclusively say why [email protected] never came to the 360? Was just wondering.

My dad died of cancer too man, I would not wish that on anyone. It is very nice to feel like your helping out on such a good cause. Kudos to all you who partake in folding on a regular basis.

By the way I am a yellow dot in California, LA to be exact.

darkside3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

We will find a cure for these disease! and this is a small step to doing
so , Bubble so you all who support folding at home! (^_^)

sonarus3745d ago

awww havent folded in a long time. Think i need to do some overnight folding. [email protected] really is a great feature

White-Sharingan3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Im a yellow dot on Puerto Rico

I really do hope [email protected] helps our future

*goes to fold*

*hugs for all*

bubbles for everyone that folds

amilimos3745d ago

had tears in my eyes after reading the posts related to folding home ... its a a very impressive feature of the ps3 ... im glad to be a part of it ... im a yellow dot in Ottawa, Canada baby :)

Bonsai12143745d ago

i adopted one as well. its really sweet to see the program evolve and grow. i used to be able to pick out which dot i was in western ny, but now its overly populated with dots (at least the last time was home it was..)

Kleptic3745d ago

had well over a hundred units as of September 2007...but it has been wierd at times since...I have a new ISP now, but still have a NAT 2 connection...yet I get an "upload error" when it tries to send in the completed work unit to stanford...I have tried reinstalling the program a few times, but it has yet to fix it...I hope the new update coming helps...

it sucks...I leave it on over night, only to find it stuck at that 'uploading work unit' message...and only having completed one unit...

and to whoever it was above...the main advantage of the PS3 over PC's and the 360 was the Cell processor...which screams at calculations like this...not sure why a 360 version never came would take more 360s to get the same amount of processing power...but would still work...although, nearly every 360 owner admitted they would not be too happy about leaving their machine on over night running flat out like that...the 360 has a very minor issue with heat, but its not worth getting into in this article...

but yeah...the 360 could do it...and with an install base that big, it could match the processing power of the PS3 crowd as well...definitely wouldn't hurt...

Euphrate3745d ago

Remain healthy!

From now on I will fold longer ^__^

you know what Microsoft should do this so we can do it together with 360 owners!.. Oh....i forgot.... its an evil Coporpation!

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