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Star Wars: The Old Republic – When Free To Play Goes Wrong

Gamer euphoria staff member Sean writes:

''Star Wars: The Old Republic had the world at its feet. The hype and promise surrounding it was intense, perhaps the most anticipated MMO since World of Warcraft. Things started off well, subscriptions surpassed the 1 million mark and the community feedback was generally positive. But then things went a little pear shaped.

By the end of April 2012 subscriber numbers shrank from 1.7 million to 1.3 million. The rapid decline was worrying for both player and company, EA had clearly been shaken given the amount of resources and money put into the game. Various people had their says on why they believed subscribers had fell so quickly. Some pointed towards the market and the growing trend in the ‘Free To Play’ model. Others put it down to players simply returning to their preferred MMO’s (World of Warcraft, EvE etc…), the actual Old Republic players had their own theory.'' (BioWare, EA, PC, Star Wars:The Old Republic)

grahf  +   828d ago
I started 2 months ago to finally give the game a shot and because it was SUPER cheap to get the game & an extra month. It was good, not great, very grindy, but that's almost expected with a WoW clone (with lightsabers!). Then I let my sub run out, and waited for F2P to kick in to continue.

My account is not subscription but "premium," and that tag couldn't be farther from the truth. You need to pay to unlock essentially EVERYTHING. Sprinting, as pointed out in the article, is one thing. Inventory space, character slots, the ability to sync the color of your gear, fast travel, even limits to how much money you could have (I had almost a million creds on my Sith Warrior, and I was capped down to 350,000, the rest was in "escrow" for when I subscribed again).

The final straw was seeing people spamming trade with items that could be bought with the new "Cartel Coins." So you pay real money for items (or use your monthly allowance for spending $15), and then you can sell them to other players??? Why not just bite the bullet and grant the ability to buy gold with those credits?

I ended up giving away all my creds & uninstalling. (Almost 600k after I sold all my gear!)

There had to be a way to be profitable and keep the game enjoyable for all levels of players. This was not it.
GamerEuphoria  +   828d ago
I would of loved to of brought my personal experience in SWTOR free to play to the table...but I can't play it for longer than a hour. I have no idea how this system will benefit anyone, be it player, newcomer, developer or even publisher.
awi5951  +   828d ago
Yeah i went back for free 2 play and i was laughing my butt off at how stupid it was.

They need to go look at guild wars 2 but then need to look at lord of the rings online the most.

Lord of the rings online lets free players grind like mad for a few hours and unlock everything the paid players get for free. Your ridding skill takes longer as a free player. IN LOTRO you just grind starter area quests for the turbine points to unlock that. Bank tabs and action house is limited for free players. Well you can grind that out in several hours as well and take that restriction off.

You have a gold cap as a free player in LOTRO guess what you can grind that cap off as well. In LOTRO if your a free player you can play the game to remove your restrictions how about Old republic get a brain and do that.
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PrimeLantern  +   828d ago
The thing that killed it for me was the Bounty Hunter storyline after Chapter 1 made me feel like just another Bounty Hunter. I heard it gets alright at the end but I don't want to grind up there to feel special like I did in Chapter 1.

That's the thing. Every classes' Chapter 1 is awesome! You feel special in the world and the game does a great job at making you want to play. Then you hit levels 30-40 and feel like you have to grind everything out to get to the cool parts again.

In a game that focuses so much on story, you can just have an awesome begin and cool ending. There needs to have substance in the middle.

Oh, and Jedi Knights are underpowered big time.
GamerEuphoria  +   828d ago
I didn't enjoy the whole 'chase' theme of the Bounty Hunter. The storyline could of went so many awesome ways but tended to stay very safe :(
c0nflikt  +   828d ago
Now that this experiment failed lets bring back Pre-cu SWG DAMNIT!
DeadlyFire  +   828d ago
Don't worry Disney will likely set Star Wars Galaxies 2 theme with its new films and likely games to come. :)
porkChop  +   828d ago
This game could have been great but they fucked it up completely. You're supposed to make F2P FUN, that way gamers actually WANT to spend money to buy stuff and customize their characters with cosmetic stuff. They've basically made it so that you're forced to pay a ton of money in order to enjoy the game in any form. I mean, seriously? No sprinting? Fast travel? Character slots? Limit on max money? Shit's ridiculous.
pulsuhundur  +   828d ago
What bugs me the most is the two character slots. TWO! I was a paying subscriber, but decided to go free-to-play, without realizing that I have to delete a bunch of characters.
BioDio  +   828d ago
I play TERA since CBT4 (I don't care.. I love this game, so what?) and I think I would stop playing it if it goes F2P... Right now, it has enough people to "pay" for the servers and content... they're not doing much money, but I just want the game to be alive.. I prefer to pay 11 euros a month than 100 euros to unlock stuff to be competitive. F2P = BAD, IMO!

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