European / Others Hardware Charts for Week Ending February 16th, 2008

VGChartz reports that the European / Others hardware charts for week ending February 16th, 2008 was as follows:

(IN brackets is last weeks #)

Hardware Total:

DSL: 159,880 (199,193)
Wii: 108,943 (128,077)
PS3: 76,306 (64,432)
PSP: 47,605 (49,522)
360: 45,415 (45,570)
PS2: 43,944 (45,906)

UK Total:

DSL: 33,612 (46,711)
Wii: 29,783 (36,886)
PS3: 20,897 (13,965)
360: 18,170 (16,193)
PSP: 7,595 (7,946)
PS2: 7,336 (7,161)

France Total:

Wii: 31,981 (37,178)
DSL: 27,312 (36,656)
PS3: 13,167 (13,569)
PSP: 6,791 (7,165)
PS2: 3,942 (3,818)
360: 2,713 (3,143)


PS3: 16,491 (10,376)
DSL: 15,509 (12,651)
Wii: 9,393 (10,665)
PSP: 9,056 (8,600)
PS2: 7,235 (7,915)
360: 1,729 (1,856)

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Brian52473745d ago

I suppose we should get used to this, huh?

sonarus3745d ago

ps3 has taking over all territories except for "other". Whats in this strange other huhn. Is this like the beyond section in bed bath and beyond i.e. a myth. lolI wonder if shortages have affected 360 in europe as well. i doubt as the numbers dnt seem to have changed much.

Packet3745d ago

Vgachartz isn't ever going to be able to make up weekly sales numbers put the 360 ahead ever again this console generation. As the installed base number grow vgchartz is having an increasingly difficult time passing off fake numbers.

The pattern for the last few months in Europe was for vgchartz to keep lowballing PS3 sales across the board and inflate 360 sales until they got caught with some real European numbers in the press and they would be forced to bump the PS3 numbers up 'a bit' but they would usually just out of the blue bump the 360 numbers up in addition so the PS3 wouldn't really gain much ground in their overall totals. And then during the next week or two they would then do a 'readjustments' where they would slash PS3 numbers across the board to get back to levels from before they were caught by the real sales data. And then the pattern would repeat as they went back to the weekly lowbawling PS3 number/inflating 360 numbers once again.

After they got caught last week with the real NPD numbers for January that the site is nothing but a scam run by a young Xbox fanboy. There are no calls to retailers. There is no statistical sample coverage of retailers around the world. Just some little punk bending numbers as far as he can get away with to make his own personal console choice look good.

Just picking out a random set of data from the site:

360 12,822 846,542
PS3 8,408 340,312

We all know that these numbers are nothing more than made up 'padding data' that exists for no other purpose than to keep the 360 sales somewhat close to PS3?


pwnmaster30003745d ago

wow i thought uk was all about 360...hmmm i gues it change

Fat Bastard3745d ago

The 360 is getting owned. It has no balls anymore, and must now give its mancard to the PS3. Thank you for playing Microsoft, but you lose.

jwatt3745d ago

Ps3 gaining momentum in the UK too.

rofldings3745d ago

Outsold in UK; another argument for 360 fans gone.

Ben10543745d ago

Looks like the 360s main competition now is the PS2
it only outsold the PS2 by 1,500 units total lol

wil4hire3745d ago

the 360.. After being out almost 3 years on the market... is having a "shortage"

pwnmaster30003745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

lol i'll remeber dat, dats da only reason because da "shortage"
bubbles back to you

chrno63745d ago

lol yeah how can we forget about the "shortage"? XD. Bubble up.

Cyrus3653745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Notice VGChartz changed/updated their UK sales for PS3 this week, after chart-track, and MCVUK reported that PS3 has been outselling 360 consistently in UK for the past 2 months or so.

So appearently PS3 this week (I can't recall any new major video game releases) sold 7K more PS3 than the previous week. I think this was because they were being under-tracked by VGChartz for a little while now.

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The story is too old to be commented.