Japan: Wii Outperforms as Market Sags

Gamedaily via Famitsu reports, today that the overall market in January in Japan was down roughly 10% compared to last year. This is attributed to software sales, which were roughly 20% less compared to last year. Hardware sales were roughly flat year-on-year.

The Wii did particularly well during the month, having sold 480,000 hardware units. Wii Fit was the top selling title for the month, and has had the fastest-ever sales pace for a Wii game.

Among the other systems, the DS Lite continued to outperform the competition, with 579,000 units sold. The PSP hardware, also performed well, with a 70% gain compared to January 2007 with 400,000 units sold. Finally, the PS3 registered a year-over-year growth of 10%, up to 166,000 units sold.

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blynx1823777d ago

I bet hardware sales will be at the 500k range for feb.

wiizy3777d ago

yes for sure.. the wii still outsold the ps3 almost 4 to 1 in january.. nintendo just need to up the wii's production everywhere and i think they will in march.

Cyrus3653777d ago

Feb could be huge in japan for Nintendo, with Brawl and all.