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badz1491727d ago

I finally decided to get a Wii for my son and wife just so I can have more time for my PS3 and was looking forward to the Wii mini and this is how it turned out?? WTF?

I admire Ninty's support for their older consoles by making the Wii able to play old games but with this, all of that, GONE! and to make matter worst, this is 2012, but they decided to ditch the wifi too? seriously, who in the hell thought that this is a good idea?? somebody should be fired!

Outside_ofthe_Box1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

On the bright side the the Wii Mini looks sexy... in my opinion at least.

No surprise some features got removed given how tiny the system is now and the very appealing price drop to $99.99. Same happened with the PS3 when it dropped PS2 BC in order for a price drop although it was ridiculed for it.

kneon1727d ago

Well maybe they don't want it to compete with the Wii U, so they stripped out all the extras.

And not only do you lose a bunch of features but it doesn't even seem like much of a deal, for $50 more you get the full blown Wii and a game included.

And why only in Canada? That's puzzling.

Jobesy1727d ago

"No surprise some features got removed given how tiny the system is now"

So you're saying the mini is too small to fit wifi in? My phone which is a fraction of the size has wifi, theres no excuse!

guitarded771727d ago

I say take that $100 and put it toward a Wii U. You can play all the Wii games, and support for the Wii is gonna be gone soon.

Bimkoblerutso1727d ago

I agree, this is just an awful deal. No game, no wifi, no backwards compatibility (though, to be fair, they had ALREADY dropped BC with the last iteration of the console). What makes Nintendo think this is somehow a respectable SKU?

Plus, it looks like an emergency kit you might store under the seat of your car.

nukeitall1727d ago


"No surprise some features got removed given how tiny the system is now and the very appealing price drop to $99.99. Same happened with the PS3 when it dropped PS2 BC in order for a price drop although it was ridiculed for it."

I don't know what is up with these downgraded consoles later in life? No thanks!

Oh, did I say it is completely idiotic!

Just get the reguler Wii and get full BC and none of the BS. Don't support this sh!t.

ConstipatedGorilla1727d ago

It's nearly useless and looks cheap too. Black and silver would have been better.

gaffyh1727d ago

I think it looks quite good, but it isn't much smaller than the Wii itself.

deafdani1727d ago

Uh. Wii Mini is going to be even cheaper than a regular Wii. Where do you think the lower price factor comes from?

If you want a Wii with Wifi, and Gamecube games, then go buy a Wii that can do that.

Bimkoblerutso1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )


Considering the current SKU's come with a game (NSMBW), an excellent semi-rare soundtrack (Super Mario Galaxy) AND a wireless card for $150, you're really spending more money for less with the mini.

And the wifi is actually much more important than people are realizing, because it completely cuts people off from the eShop.

Gamer19821727d ago

You can buy a full size wii for that price nowadays. Sure this is smaller but less features so not really worth it.

turgore1727d ago

Exactly. Too expensive. You can buy a ps2 or a gamecube for 30 bucks.

TruthbeTold1727d ago

If it bothers you that they took out the Wi-Fi capability, consider this question. How much longer are any past developers of Wii games going to keep up online support for whatever games they've released? Probably not much longer. Not to mention, that if you've been wanting a Wii all this time, but had to wait until it's $99.99, chances are you probably don't have internet service in a way that would allow you to play games online. Just saying.

MaxXAttaxX1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

and they didn't even drop the price, @Outside_ofthe_Box.

But because Nintendo isn't Sony, there was no fuzz over it because Nintendo can do no wrong -__-

BattleAxe1726d ago

Nintendo announced last week that they are not making anymore Wii games, and now they release a console without online connectivity? No thanks.

darthv721726d ago

I can say this. Despite the criticism this will be a collectors item. Just like the nes top loader and snes jr.

The obscurity alone makes it an automatic seller.

nukeitall1726d ago


"But because Nintendo isn't Sony, there was no fuzz over it because Nintendo can do no wrong -__-"

Nope, BC still available where I am on Wiis I saw in-store. There were only select models of Wii that lost BC (mostly in Europe), but they got an extra game in the bundle.

Sony got flack because they pushed BC as a selling point, then backtracked and removed it on a high end console. Then they claimed it wasn't important all of a sudden very early in this generation.

They were also the first to remove major features from a console in a later iteration.

MaxXAttaxX1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

What other "major features"? Other OS? lol get over yourself.
The majority of people ranting about that never even used it themselves.
Sony has also ADDED several new software features to the PS3. A detail many biased people tend to forget.

Sony did not "push" PS2 backwards compatibility on the PS3 as a selling point any more than Nintendo pushed GameCube backwards compatibility on the Wii (or GBA on DS, later removed from DSi).

Sony never claimed it wasn't important. They cut costs AND dropped the price of the PS3. Nintendo didn't drop the price. I guess you skipped that detail too.
They've both been bundling games.

Outside_ofthe_Box1726d ago


What I gathered from your comment is this:

It's only bad when Sony does it.

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Information Minister1727d ago

With access to the Virtual Console and backwards compatibility with the Gamecube, this would have made for a fantastic retro gaming machine.

As it is right now... meh!

Gamer19821727d ago

Would of if you could slot a HDD inside.

Honky Kong1727d ago

no WiFi. I hope it still has a usb port for the broadband adapter...and portable hard drive.

Peppino71727d ago

This is EXACTLY what I've been waiting for!/s

ZombieNinjaPanda1727d ago

Nothing about this looks appealing to me. Every reason to ever get a Wii has been thrown out the window by this iteration. This is not how you do a smaller unit, worse than the newest Ps3 Slim.

Game0N1727d ago

What? worse than the newest ps3 slim? Whats wrong with the new ps3 slim? It's essentially the same thing as the original, same features and all just in a smaller size. I don't get your reasoning.

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Anon19741727d ago

Ooh. No wi-fi. That's a huge omission. The families I know who currently use their Wii all use Netflix quite often for their kids. But, if you're just looking at a basic Wii for your kids that you can just plug in a game and go without needing anything else, it's only $99. It foots the bill if that's what you're after.

I think it looks pretty cool.

neogeo1727d ago

That is the point. No netflix. If you want netflix mom then buy a WiiU. It's a smart move in 2 ways.
1. It gives a option to the very casual market that does not even know how to setup wifi.

2. It clears confusion between the Wii and WiiU. It will make a easy buying choice for people. The red color helps parrents id the different systems.

I used to work at bestbuy and you wont believe how many cheap people will skip WiiU if only it had netflix. We used to sell a junk TV with built in netflix and a horrible picture and people would buy it only for that insted of a better model without.

TacoTaru1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

I don't think anyone on this board would qualify for the "target audience". There are still families that can't afford internet access bills and this looks like a great little system for kids. Not everything is about "core" gamers. They'll probably sell a bunch to people who really want them and that's the point.

FamilyGuy1727d ago

I would have bought one if it still had wifi, what a shame. How much money could they possibly have saved by excluding it?

No wifi, no online capabilities, no netflix, no buy -_-