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Explain The Story Behind Your Stupid Gamertag

If you're lucky, or brave, your gamertag (or other similar account name) might be, well, your name. A few of my friends are like that. Chances are, though, you picked a fake handle and went with that instead. (Culture, Xbox 360)

Neonridr  +   977d ago
lol, mine was after my license plate, Neonridr. Can anyone guess what kind of car I drove? XD

I use this name pretty much everywhere, even registered it on the Nintendo Network for my Wii U.
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Max Power  +   977d ago
An Accord?
Neonridr  +   977d ago
lol, since text has no emotion behind it, I will just assume that you are joking and we will both laugh about that.. :P
El_Colombiano  +   976d ago
A skittle!
Tetsujin  +   976d ago
I almost clicked on the story, then I saw the site, so I'll pass...
Monkeycan8  +   976d ago
monkey. I like monkey's.

Can = Butt

8 got my ps3 in 08

yupp :/

so i guess my name is really monkeybutt2008
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freezola75  +   976d ago
Mine comes from when I used to work at Whole Foods Market. I was a frozen food buyer. So being that I'm 6'4 and a pretty big guy... my WFM friends dubbed me Big Freezy.. it stuck with me ever since.

My older brother, Smitty is a pretty tall guy as well and he was a basketball player at the time.. all of his friends dubbed him "Smizzola" and being that I look up to him, I later dubbed over Big Freezy as "Freezola" and there ya go. Although I wish I would've held back my '75 smh LOL. Peace
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UltraVegito  +   976d ago
lots of moronic stories comming from kotaku today,wish they give it a rest -.-
MattyG  +   976d ago
My PSN and XBL name is ortiz344 because David Ortiz USED to be my favorite baseball player, and 34 is his number. But since 34 was taken, why not add another 4, eh? I'm changing it on XBL soon, but PSN won't let you change it, which is something they really need to fix.
sdozzo  +   976d ago
Ortiz bashed anyone who took the juice... "I think they should be banned for life." Then he got popped for PEDs. What a clown. Glad the Red Sox suck.

Go Yankees! At least Al never pretended.
xCaptainAmazing  +   976d ago
Lance Hunt is Captain Amazing. He takes his glasses off when he transforms.
NeXXXuS  +   976d ago
I made my friend's gamertag KITTY NUM NUMS. I have absolutely no idea why XD
Shortly after, I made mine PUPPY NUM NUMS.
hardandsloppy  +   976d ago
Mine is HardAndSloppy. Chose that because of a joke from MadTV. Johnny Gan likes to do girls "hard and sloppy, the Johnny Gan way!!!" :)
one2thr  +   976d ago
If the "k" in "knife" is silent, then why can't the "E's" in three be invisible.
mydyingparadiselost  +   976d ago
mine's from two doom metal bands. my dying bride + paradise lost = mydyingparadiselost
J86blum  +   976d ago
Mine was I used to be REALLY overweight and I loved cupcakes.

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