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Hitman Absolution Review (MasonicGamer.com)

MasonicGamer.com: It’s been over six years since Agent 47 faked his own death and now he’s back in Hitman Absolution. Traditionally a game that has prided itself on being a smart and stealthy puzzle game, Absolution continues that tradition. Setting up a sequence of events with perfect timing and being a master of the assassination isn’t easy though. The difference between this puzzle and the one you have your dining room table (right?), misplace one piece, and you’re dead.

The game has much more emphasis on pure stealth than previous iterations. Absolution introduces a cover system for the first time; taking cover behind walls 47 is able to roll from cover to cover to avoid being spotted by guards. Well timed button prompts give you the option to vault over cover or to perform takedowns on nearby enemies Gone is your magic coin used to distract guards; however there are other items that can be used to make noises or create various distractions. (Hitman: Absolution, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 8/10

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