First Wii Mini image leaked

A Canadian retailer has posted the first image of the rumoured Wii Mini online.


Update: Nintendo has officially announced the Wii Mini.

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Akuma-1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

another rip-off by nintendo with the wii. i can understand a smaller and more quite xbox 360 or ps3 but a smaller obsolete wii doesn't make any sense. the wii is already so small and irrelevant.

to each his own

Knight_Crawler1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

I can see how this would be a rip-off to you but do not speak for the millions of casuals who love the Wii.

Xmas is coming up and parents will be looking a cheap gift for there kids - yes the Wii U is hot right now but everywhere has sold out and some people can not afford it yet.

Also your forgetting that Nintendo will more than likly drop the price and not pull a Sony with giving us a slimmer console and no price drop.

People on here always seem to think that us gamers that hang out on websites almost every day are the bread and butter for consoles but the truth is we are a minority and the casuals is the real reason why the gaming industry is still alive.

Remember little kids and grand parents are gamers too and just becuase they do not play Killzone, Halo or Call of Duty that does not mean they ar enot hardcore gamers.

nukeitall1942d ago

I wouldn't consider it a rip-off, but am sick of these downgraded "newly redesigned" consoles. WTF?

RedSoakedSponge1942d ago

ill buy it if its the size of a matchbox

Summons751942d ago

Why would they release a mim wii when they have the wiiu which is selling strongly? That dosen't make any sense. Stupid rumor with anonymous sources....sorry that's more than enough for me not to believe it. If this was a year ago then maybe.

SilverBullet1291942d ago

It is in fact real according to BestBuy Canada:

Right on the homepage.

Summons751942d ago

yeah, click pre-order now and it brings you to Skylanders....SOOOOO REAL.

firelogic1942d ago Show
SandwichHammock1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

how bout you try

edit: "...For the last six years, the Wii has pushed the limits of what we had originally thought were possible to get out of our console games..." ಠ_ಠ

StrawHatPatriot1942d ago

please be for only $49.99 with GameCube BC

Baka-akaB1942d ago

It should be , but i wouldnt hold my breath for a nintendo fair pricing anyway . Not that the others are that much better at it anyway

jjank111942d ago

if it looks cool, which by the picture on the canadian best buy, it does, then i might actually get one, solely for GC compatibility. I wish the Wii U had GC backwards compat.

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