Wii Mini Leaked Coming On December 7 According To Best Buy

The Wii Mini, a smaller version of the Wii, is scheduled to come out on December 7. News about the Wii Mini comes from Best Buy which may have introduced the Wii redesign a wee bit too early. While Best Buy says they are taking pre-orders, the link doesn’t go to a Wii Mini page.


Article was a rumor at the time but it has since been confirmed as real.

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SonyNGP2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

This is somewhat interesting.

@Snookies12 i doubt it, seeing that the Wii revamp last year removed GCN support.

aceitman2057d ago

If true ,they will confuse the casuall market from wii u to the wii mini .not a good time to do this

Anon19742056d ago

I've never understood this argument. People used it before when Sony continued to support the PS2 (and still do) when the PS3 released. Do you really think consumers are that easily confused that they won't realize that the Wii-U and Wii are two different machines?

I see no reason why Nintendo won't continue to support both. Consumer choice is never a bad thing. And no one is going to walk into the store looking to buy a Wii-U and go "OMG! A Wii! I've never heard of these. That's exactly what I'm looking for!" and then walk out with a Wii-mini instead of the Wii-U.

Snookies122057d ago

Wonder if it still plays GC games. It would be awesome if so, and had a reasonable price point.

FordGTGuy2056d ago

No GameCube support and no Internet.

rawshack2057d ago

Microsoft and Sony: you react to us, not the other way around - i still think thats a crack up

chasegarcia2056d ago

The Mini is sexy. Wii U should have looked like this.