Bohemia Interactive introduces Secure Player ID

The next step in the constant battle against cheaters was done by Bohemia Interactive. Yesterday a new feature called “Secure Player ID” was introduced. As you may know many background processes in ArmA2 and also in DayZ depend on the so called player ID (not the GUID ) which should be unique to every player.

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Bonerboy1757d ago

Whats to stop your Secure player Id from being jacked and used to cheat etc? Then one gets banned etc.

ATi_Elite1757d ago

It's good to see B.I. doing something cause DayZ and Arma 2 public servers are filled to the Brim with hackers!

I only play DayZ and Arma 2 on Private servers so I don't have an issue with Hackers but when i go on the Public servers to play with New friends OMG it's a nightmare!

was playing Takistan Life just last night on public servers and some clown kept spawning tanks and bombs....totally being a D-bag!

Hopefully Bohemia Interactive implements a lock down hack proof system cause they have some really great Games and Mods!