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Wii U: Nintendo 'Needs More Exclusives' To Beat PS3, Xbox 360 - Pachter

NowGamer: "Michael Pachter tells us what Nintendo needs to do for the future of Nintendo's Wii U." (Nintendo, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

Theyellowflash30  +   822d ago
I don't think Nintendo will be having as many exclusives as the PS3 and 360 do considering there 6+ old at this point. Now the PS4 and 720 Nintendo will have a huge advantage on.
EVILDEAD360  +   822d ago
In a way you can't blame Nintendo.

The excitement level will quadruple when the put out the inevtable stabe of traditional exclusives.

We all will want to see what a next gen Mario 3D, Zelda, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros. and Metroid will be like on the Wii-U.

The problem is those will encompass the next 2 to 3 years of games.

By that time it will be repeat time starting the sequels to this years launch games. Sprinkle in a couple of Wii fit and Mario Party type games and the whole gen is already over.

The only difference is the Wii-u will finally get all the multi-plats at the same time, which was the weakness of the Wii.

d3nworth1  +   822d ago
Nintendo doesnt need more than ps3 and 360 they just need more than what they have to show off the wii U's abilities. Alot of wii U games are available on current gen consoles and most dont look or perform and better. I dont think that advantage over the ps4 and 720 will be that great depending if they are more powerful than the wii u to run games that it cant. If this is the case then it will end up like the wii and become another dust collector next to the T.V.
kakashishinoda  +   822d ago
For ones i agree with pachter
bubblebeam  +   822d ago
Exactly what I was thinking. I checked outside to see if it was raining fire...it wasn't. I then proceeded to punch myself in the nuts, and I felt it.

For once Patcher might be right. Although it seems more like common sense TBH.
iamnsuperman  +   822d ago
For me they really need to diversify with their exclusives. Nintendo have been slacking a little relying on Mario, Zelda to sell systems. I want them to be more ombitious with their story telling and start introducing mature themes to their games. One way to do this without sexualising Mario......(obviously i am not saying just put sex in and thats means its mature I also mean deep flawed characters that have some realisic personality) is to release new ips.
krazykombatant  +   822d ago
Sony and MS wish they had any IPs with the world recognition that Nintendo characters have.

Patcher you're such a little troll, saying Nintendo needs more exclusive to beat the x360/ps3 hahahahahahahaha.
Monstar  +   822d ago
fucking dumb are you? what's character recognition got to do with more exclusives? Nintendo have what, Mario, zelda...and nothing but mediocre kiddy titles to demonstrate a gimmick that doesn't even offer any unique experience. Wiisports LMFAO!!!! Any serious game has yet to properly work or create any innovative controller experience. The same case will follow with the WiiU.

Patcher is spot on, only because he is a dumb shit who needed to scan forums and quote gamers to come up with that conclusion.
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thaimasker  +   822d ago
Bayonetta 2, The world ends with you, F zero, star fox, No more heroes, Metroid, The last story, Monster hunter tri(extremly popular in japan), Pokemon, Xeno Blade, Kid iricus, Zombi U, Donkey kong, pandora's tower, 7th Dragon, animals crossing, pikman, fire elbem, the wounderful 101 off the top of my head..

Yeah he scanned comments from 14 yo's who think that they know how the gaming market works as he prob always have.
MmaFan-Qc  +   822d ago
donkeykong, metroid, zelda, mario, kirby and.... uh.... well, thats pretty much it, nintendo have always been surfing on their old franchises since the beggining, while i would like to see nintendo be more creative than always keeping safe with their copy/paste mario games, i have to admit that the ONLY reason i got the wii u is simply to play nintendo franchises like metroid, and like i did with the wii, i will ignore pretty much everything else on their console since the serious gaming will always happen on my ps3/pc/360 and the "real" next gen console, reggie can yap all day until he get blue in the face.... but it wont change the fact that the console isnt and wont ever be for the core gamers.

that said nintendo loyalist can go apeshit, but it still wont change a thing about it, rightnow thx to their dumb PR mr.filsaime, nintendo is like a hipster who trie to look cool in front a lumberjack..... wich is out of touch
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nintendoland  +   822d ago
MysticStrummer  +   822d ago
I'm not a fan of Nintendo's exclusive titles, but they defininitely have more than just Mario and Zelda. Nintendo fans know what they are. Nintendo will still be the place to go for kid friendly games, which may or may not make a difference this time but parents will know it. I personally couldn't care less about the Wii U, and just like the Wii I don't think of it as being "next gen", but it may very well keep Nintendo on top in terms of sales. Just like last gen, next gen won't start for me until Sony releases their next console.
krazykombatant  +   822d ago
A gimmick that doesn't offer a unique experience, sorry i think you're talking about the Move... Or maybe its the vita.

Hmmmmm whats that sorry i'm having too much of a blast playing on my 3DS and my kickass games.

Yes, yes, I'm sure the Vita has plenty of good exclusives. yes yes i'm sure that Sony doesn't have anything gimmicky.

Looks like i touched a nerve. Stop being such a butthurt little fanboy.
AlucardFury  +   822d ago
Sometimes I think Matt Stone and Trey Parker used Pachter for inspiration for Captain Hindsight. No really Pachter? All consoles NEED exclusive to differentiate themselves....... Jesus.....
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thaimasker  +   822d ago
Lol typical patcher.
Ihatepachter   822d ago | Spam
Picture_Dancer  +   822d ago
Nintendo is hoping for the late PS4 and Next X realese, because WiiU will get multiplatform games. As soon as next generation arrives, there would be no 3rd party games for WiU such next as Assasins Creed, Darksiders, Batman etc.
thaimasker  +   822d ago
yeah if the hardeware gap was as at least as half as big as it was last gen ....which it won't be. Unless of course they are gonna sell their consoles for $1000+.
and U do know that the wii u can run unreal engine 4 right? Wii U will be just fine. and if your talking about because of a huge sales edge then thats dumb to speculate on now.

for all we know sony and microsofts system could flop...lets atleast see what they are working with and how popular it will be.
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Summons75  +   822d ago
Ummmm dose Patcher know that the WiiU has been out a little over a week and to get a lot of exclusives it takes YEARS?

UGH how dose he still have a job for his stupid statements and very inaccurate predictions.
pedroyamato  +   822d ago
Pachter said that?


This guy fail all his predictions and I dont know why someone in the earth would give any credit to the things he says. Just ignore him
InTheLab  +   822d ago
Nintendo needs more exclusives to beat MS? Lol.... Maybe that's how it is on Candy Mountain where Pachter lives, but in the real world, we all know that of the big 3, MS is last in line for exclusives or new IPs.
legend911  +   822d ago
Indeed, where are the hardcore exclusives? I mean I know that Microsoft and others copied Nintendo big time on motion control and family gaming (sports, etc) for the mainstream. But if Nintendo wants to fight back, make a first party exclusive to be in the same class as Halo and Killzone. Of course it is easier said than done.
mamotte  +   822d ago
Brilliant, captain obvious.
deafdani  +   822d ago
"It's the Nintendo-made games that will ultimately sell the console, claims Pachter: "I think that Nintendo needs more exclusives to differentiate the Wii U, and am pessimistic that they will be able to deliver them next year.""

Why are you pessimistic? Give reasons to back up your opinions, Pachter. Otherwise, they're just worthless babble.

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