Top 5 Gaming Special Editions

Callum looks at his personal top 5 special editions from this generation with all their goodies and trinkets in tow.

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potatowarrior1940d ago

the best duke nukem forever special edition would not include the game,

bubblebeam1940d ago

Yay they had the Halo 3 legendary Edition. I love it so much. I have 2. One is still sealed :) The helmet looks so freaking awesome, so shiny.

I also give it credit for making the "limited limited" editions more popular.

KrimsonKody1940d ago

The GTA limited edition with the safe is cool, but so flimsy. You don't even need the key to open it.
I mean, I did'nt expect an national security vault of sorts, but I do think the lock system could've been just a little tighter.

sorceror1711940d ago

The Infamous 2 bundle included an over-the-shoulder courier bag that's actually useful.

SolidGear31940d ago

DNF kicks ass. Love that game!

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