Battlefield 3 November 2012 Patch Goes Live Today Today will see the release of a massive patch for Battlefield 3 for consoles, with the PC version coming next week.

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socialkarma1973d ago

Still no fix for spawning without weapons...Seriously?

Detoxx1973d ago

Ugh, I hate it so much

meetajhu1973d ago

rofl they improved the input lag. ahahahhahahahahahahahahahahha

Holeran1973d ago

ya i'll believe that when I feel it. They have baited me 2 times already and never made it any better. Both times they got me to take my old copy out of storage to see if it was the truth.

Donnieboi1973d ago

2 gig patch again? Why is it that a patch can be so big 1 YEAR after release? Every patch is massive and i'm running out of room. DICE doesnt know how to code.

Hufandpuf1973d ago

The patches include the new maps, usually.

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Kyosuke_Sanada1973d ago

All I see is a bunch of unnecessary buffs. Why the hell are they not increasing the damage for RPG's/SMAW's against tanks with reactive armor which literally takes 6 rockets to destroy it or at least make players have to choose either IR Smoke or Reactive Armor instead of using both.....

Holeran1972d ago

I installed the patch yesterday and it seems the almost 2 gigs of code did nothing for the input lag. Back onto the shelf.