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Submitted by GreenRanger 1171d ago | article

Xbox 720 Might Lack A Years Advantage Earlier this week we informed you about the fact that the transition into next-generation Sony PS4 and Xbox 720 consoles had been too slow – the words of Ubisoft’s CEO. Now we have some related comments to share with you from that man Michael Pachter again. He has pinpointed a release date period for Sony’s console specifically, adding that the company will not want to make the same mistake of being a year behind Microsoft – as we saw with this current generation. (Microsoft, Tag Invalid, Xbox 360)

The_Infected  +   1171d ago
It's their on fault. They should've got moving faster now PS4 is going to go head on with Xbox if not launch before it.
EVILDEAD360  +   1171d ago
The Xbox 360 put Micrsoft in a far better place than they were in last gen when the entire earth owned a PS2.

The other advantage that I have been saying for a longtime is Xbox Live.

But at the end of the day, the 360 set up the console in a way that MS can go head to head with Sony this go around.

edit @ Marcus

MS never needed to move faster, the 360 is clearly still still positioned perfectly the holiday regardless of the Wii-U launch.

Next year may be a stretch to wait, but we will soon see if the rumors are correct about a launch next holiday.

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chukamachine  +   1171d ago
xbox live is no longer an advantage.

As for things like cross chat, and others.

PS4 will support all of them off the bat.

Seriously the only thing that will separate the PS4 VS 720 will be price. and games.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1171d ago
ps4 will out sell xbox if launched at the same time. Ps3 came back for 2nd place after being a full 12 months behind. That is awsome imo. and that happen with a bad launch and financial trouble.
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EVILDEAD360  +   1171d ago
Xbox Live will be a huge advantage from the previous gen.

You are talking at least 40 million with 50% Gold members. If you are lowballing.

You are talking backwards compatablity out of the box and the same friends list for your gamer tag.

Last gen we were still playing Halo 2 online with the same friends. If the 720 were to arrive you are talking the huge fanbase that will still be playing Halo 4, Black Ops 2, The Gears prequel, GTA 5, Minecraft etc. with their friends list when they upgrade to a 720.

It WILL be an advantage in regards to repeat customers.

I know for me there is no WAY I'm just got going to drop all of my achievements, friends etc. just to upgrade.

NukaCola  +   1171d ago

You really love those checks MS sends you right? Or are you just that type of person?

The thing that helped MS was the year launch. LIVE was once a great service for it's value. Then the NXE came out. MS chose to force gamers now, not only to have to pay to play online, but to use 90% of their features. They even prohibited Silver members to have demos on day one, when they launched on other platforms for free. With MS, it's always about forcing you to pay, and Sony, Steam, and now Nintendo that you can have a great service without ripping people off. And that is what LIVE has become, a huge ripoff.
nukeitall  +   1171d ago

I agree with you, XBL is a huge advantage. It's like Google trying to get Facebook users to switch over to G+.

For one, you are invested so whatever you switch over to have something so dramatically better that you want it irrespective of the potential loss of online friends.

Furthermore, MS established a huge brand name with XBL. Everybody knows during this entire generation, MS has upgraded XBL and the dashboard over and over and over. That is something consumers will know and remember.

"ps4 will out sell xbox if launched at the same time. Ps3 came back for 2nd place after being a full 12 months behind. That is awsome imo. and that happen with a bad launch and financial trouble."

That isn't exactly to brag about, considering Sony pretty much dominated two generations. Even the mighty Wii didn't hit 120 million consoles like the PS2 sold and to fall down to what it is now with PS3 (with home advantage of Japan) and tie with a weak competitor isn't exactly an accomplishment.


"With MS, it's always about forcing you to pay, and Sony, Steam, and now Nintendo that you can have a great service without ripping people off. And that is what LIVE has become, a huge ripoff."

Despite all that "free and great service" coupled with cheap pricing on hardware, people continue to pay for Xbox Live.

Doesn't that tell you something about the competitions offering?
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edonus   1171d ago | Spam
MikeMyers  +   1171d ago
Both Sony and Microsoft are milking this generation for all its worth. Microsoft is to counter their huge investment with the original Xbox by making as much profit from the Xbox 360 as possible. Now 7 years after the Xbox 360 came out for $299 & $399 the systems are retailed for about $199 & $249. They are still rather high in price for being out for 7 years. It will be at least 8 years before a new Xbox. That's quite the difference from the original Xbox they dropped like a stone after 4 years.

Sony released the original Playstation in 1994 for $299. Then 6 years later in the year 2000 they released the PS2 for $299. After 6 years again (2006) like clockwork they released the PS3 but this time it was $499 & $599. The PS3 is selling for about $249 & $299. Now here we are 6 years later and not even any confirmation the PS4 will be out in 2012.

So why the long cycle when Nintendo continues to go within the same timeline they always do? Don't tell me it's because of the recession as iPads come out annually and HDTV's are being sold for a lot during that time. Don't tell me the hardware was future proof either. PC's can play games well beyond 1080p and well above 60fps, and have done so for many years.

Microsoft better invest in creating more in-house games of their own. Sony isn't going to sit idle and have a machine that's difficult for developers this time. Sony also isn't going to make the same mistake of high priced consoles either. Seems to me Microsoft is more concerned with a multimedia device than gaming going forward. They also seem fixated on keeping a membership fee platform as well. That's why I hope the PS4 keeps Microsoft in check and shows how you can have multimedia functions while still having free access to it.
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EVILDEAD360  +   1171d ago
@ Nukacola

'You really love those checks MS sends you right? Or are you just that type of person?'

Here's another hypocrite pretending that if you say something positive about something MS related your getting paid..

Yet..look at what Nukacola wrote when he simply saw a new PS Vita bundle only 4 days ago..

'This is an ultimate deal. All Stars is freaking insane, Uncharted is amazing, Gravity Rush is stellar, AC: Liberation is second to none(Minus the glitch that can happen). Plus all the extra content. WipEouT 2048, FF Tactics is just a day one...there is still a ton of content from minis, PSP, and PS One classics that are also apart of PS+. This is the deal of a lifetime. Best handheld out now. I promise you, if you don't own a Vita, you don't know what you are missing. It's incredible'

Case Closed..

So let's pose the question back at you Nukacola..You really love those checks Sony sends you right? Or are you just that type of person?

Back to the subject..

I'm once again keeping it 100% real..NO ONE is pretending that MS won the next generation and will sell blah blah numbers..Never said that and never will..

What I did say is in comparison to 2005, MS has a huge advantage with what they have built up this whole gen with Xbox Live.

See the fankids online may pretend that Xbox Live is sooo horrible and no one enjoys the service. But, when they log off it gets bigger and bigger everyday. Just look at what Nelson just tweeted about how well GOLD sold and the activity of Live over Black Friday weekend.

We ALL know why MS needed to launch early last gen, Sony would have mopped the floor with Xbox 360 coming off of the PS2.

This gen, the 360s success put 720 in a place where it can have at least some early success.

Nobody can predict what will happen beyond that.

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andibandit  +   1171d ago
Sony admitted that it wasnt the best decision to launch a year later, and they want to correct that error this coming generation..... Explain to me how any of that is MS's fault?.
The_Infected  +   1171d ago
Ubisoft even said the need next gen ASAP! Xbox 720 and PS4 need to hurry up because they're obviously holding game developers back. This generation has been to long period. At least Nintendo is here regardles if the hardware is weak they still got on the ball and rolled out their next gen console.
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EVILDEAD360  +   1171d ago
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JBSleek  +   1171d ago
According to sources Xbox will be delayed out to issues into 2014. So if Sony did release in 2013 then maybe but Microsoft has tons of money and one of the best marketing machines so it might not matter. I expect this race to be close. Who ever gets third party the most will likely edge.
bubblebeam  +   1171d ago
I'd love for them to go head to head. It would be amazing. One of the fiercest battles to take place.
It would be awesome to see who has the better launch line-up.

I think Sony and Microsoft know they will be releasing pretty close to each other, so I have a feeling they are going to throw everything at its release. Multiple exclusive franchises continued, maybe new cool IP's.

Can't wait, I'll bring the popcorn.
Hicken  +   1171d ago
That marketing of theirs is keeping them JUST slightly ahead of PS3(or a few hundred k behind). Oh, and that's WITH a one year head start.

Microsoft squandered their advantages, and Sony has overcome theirs.
Ben_Grimm  +   1171d ago
Mind you that this is MS's SECOND attempt at a console and in the video game market which was dominated by Sony with it's PS1 AND PS2. And now the dominating King has to play catch up for what now ... 5/6 years.

You guys really need to stop handing out that tired saying, it only makes your brand of choice look that much worse.
Detoxx  +   1171d ago
You can't say that untill the Next-Gen consoles have released.
sandman224  +   1171d ago
That's a tough one. I for one will buy both consoles in time. But we won't know what's in store for us until we hear directly from Sony or Microsoft on there next gen release. If Sony irons out its online issues, that would include party chat. I think Microsoft will get a run for console dominance next gen. The good news for Sony is that they are going to design there new console to make it developer friendly. So with that in mind Sony owners shouldn't get the gimped version of multiplatform releases. Also they have a great first party community. But like I said we won't know till we hear more from Sony and Microsoft.
Dms2012  +   1171d ago
This wait is killing me, for both consoles.
GraveLord  +   1171d ago
" First week sales for both respective consoles are going to be key and it will be interesting to see what happens if both consoles launch around the exact same period."

No, first week sales don't determine anything....just look at the original Xbox, it debuted with like 700k sales, while the 360 was like 350k. First week sales don't matter much, its the months after, its the first holiday that matters.

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