Xbox 720 Might Lack A Years Advantage Earlier this week we informed you about the fact that the transition into next-generation Sony PS4 and Xbox 720 consoles had been too slow – the words of Ubisoft’s CEO. Now we have some related comments to share with you from that man Michael Pachter again. He has pinpointed a release date period for Sony’s console specifically, adding that the company will not want to make the same mistake of being a year behind Microsoft – as we saw with this current generation.

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JBSleek1940d ago

According to sources Xbox will be delayed out to issues into 2014. So if Sony did release in 2013 then maybe but Microsoft has tons of money and one of the best marketing machines so it might not matter. I expect this race to be close. Who ever gets third party the most will likely edge.

bubblebeam1940d ago

I'd love for them to go head to head. It would be amazing. One of the fiercest battles to take place.
It would be awesome to see who has the better launch line-up.

I think Sony and Microsoft know they will be releasing pretty close to each other, so I have a feeling they are going to throw everything at its release. Multiple exclusive franchises continued, maybe new cool IP's.

Can't wait, I'll bring the popcorn.

Hicken1940d ago

That marketing of theirs is keeping them JUST slightly ahead of PS3(or a few hundred k behind). Oh, and that's WITH a one year head start.

Microsoft squandered their advantages, and Sony has overcome theirs.

Ben_Grimm1940d ago

Mind you that this is MS's SECOND attempt at a console and in the video game market which was dominated by Sony with it's PS1 AND PS2. And now the dominating King has to play catch up for what now ... 5/6 years.

You guys really need to stop handing out that tired saying, it only makes your brand of choice look that much worse.

Detoxx1940d ago

You can't say that untill the Next-Gen consoles have released.

sandman2241940d ago

That's a tough one. I for one will buy both consoles in time. But we won't know what's in store for us until we hear directly from Sony or Microsoft on there next gen release. If Sony irons out its online issues, that would include party chat. I think Microsoft will get a run for console dominance next gen. The good news for Sony is that they are going to design there new console to make it developer friendly. So with that in mind Sony owners shouldn't get the gimped version of multiplatform releases. Also they have a great first party community. But like I said we won't know till we hear more from Sony and Microsoft.

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