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Digitally Downloaded writes: "Smash Brothers clone? Smash Brothers beater? Work of genius, or just plain hack job? PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has been a controversial game since it was first announced, as for many it represented a very cynical ploy by Sony to capitalise on a multi-million dollar franchise."

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soljah1785d ago

has anybody seen this from joystiq?

this is just too funny

fabod861785d ago

yep... really funny. :)

Nexgensensation1785d ago (Edited 1785d ago )

just because it plays like smash bros. with a few tweeks, and also can cross play with the vita, this game is simply overrated. theres is no way a gamer would spend countless hours to play this game. at most you would spend about 3-4hrs on this game and thats on a weekly standpoint.

heres what happens in chronological order!
1 waste money on this game
2 insert game
3 press start
4 pick a character you think can be your favorite
5 beat the single player
6 play multiplayer online
7 turn game off
8 regret getting the game
9 return the game
10 buys black ops 2

i'll give this game a 1.5/5
its smash bros no matter how you cut the cake, you can deny all you want but if you describe the game to anyone its smash bros.

dynamic background design is the only true distinction of the game. spend more than 2min fighting a character you can easily beat in 8seconds.

the game only knows repetitive! not the good practice makes perfect but repetitive as in, "i don't even want to play the rest of the game.

fabod861785d ago

What happens when you come here in chronological order!
1open N4G
2click on this news to have a good read
3click on the soljah link to have a laugh
4read the Nexgensensation comment
5almoust stop the read at "just because it plays like smash bros"
6read the rest to see where it goes
7read the point n° 9
8read the point n° 10
9.....sarcastic laugh.....

Aceman181785d ago

its a good thing most people wont bother with your fanboy hate lol. i wonder why its so hard for you fanboys to admit people really like this game, and are really enjoying it.

also dont like cod isnt super overrated it doesnt take much skill to point and press a button to kill your opponent lol.

Kiddcarter1785d ago

So you say this game plays like another game so its overrated, then recommend people go buy cod, a fps that plays like 90% of the other games on the it's ok for every one to make mindless shooter after shooter, but some one makes a 4 player brawler and its a waste cause only nintendo can do that kind of game, nice logic on that one

Nexgensensation1785d ago

but this game could have been so much better if it was still a figment of imagination. sony only have a few characters that actually make this type of game somewhat enjoyable. superbot blew it! they had a shot to make a franchise with creative ownership but they blow their time, talented, and their money on making a smash bros clone.

and 2 you took my comment way out of context. I was simply giving you a chronological example of what happen when a gamer like me purchase this game.

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LiViNgLeGaCY1785d ago

This game has been such a blast. I absolutely love it, although I don't think I'm that good so far :(.

I don't really know who to main though, kinda been digging Spike recently.

MattS1785d ago

Hah. I'm having the same problem. With most fighting games I've got my favourite picked within the first hour, but with this game? There's at least five or six I really like.

At the moment I'm leaning towards Sir Daniel. He's just a whole lot of fun.