Controversial Truth About DMC Reboot and Capcom

Last week, the DmC: Devil May Cry demo was released on consoles. Now although this game was long-awaited by fans and heavely promoted by Capcom, the game has not recieved many positive responses. In fact, some fans thought it was so bad, that they decided to start bashing the game on forums, via angry emails, through YouTube and more. Why was the game bashed? What happened to Devil May Cry fans? Is the new Dante really that bad? Or does it have to do with the fact that the game doesn't feel like a genuine Devil May Cry title? So many questions can be asked, but in the end...

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djslimzz1974d ago

Ok where do I begin!

1- Dante is a lot cuter in this one. Yes it's true that the Dante we know is more "Badass", but this one seems crazy and less lazy.

2- The mechanics are cool, I admit that they are different, but they are fun to play with. Especially when you want to figure out what kind of style suits you best.

3- I did not care for the style points in this game. Getting to SSS was too easy by dodging at the right moment, that I just started to forget about that, and started to remember why I play DmC in the first place...I WANT TO KILL DEMONS WITH BLADES AND GUNS.

4- I hope using Ebony and Ivory in the game will be more stylish.

5- Devil Trigger doesn't last long enough...but then again, Dante is still a kid in this one.

Do I think this one will be good? Yes, but it will never...NEVER be as good as the other ones. Classics will forever be classic!

killerhog1974d ago

This Dante looks bland and out of place. He looks like he should be in a twilight game then a DmC game. But from you're first point, I'm sure looking like a bland, talentless twilight character doesn't bother you.

P.s: I'm alluding that you like twilight.

LOGICWINS1974d ago

The new Dante looks fine. Your complaining for the sake of complaining. This is the first DMC that actually has top tier voice acting/believable characters.

SovereignSnaKe1974d ago

-Don't EVEN compare DmC to Twatlight! UGH! -_-

wishingW3L1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

DMC has never been about story or voice acting, it's about fast paced gameplay and stylish, original combos!

Who the hell even cared about DMC story? It was about the characters, bosses and crazy action. And not to mention its quirky Japanese flair that is no more.

-Gespenst-1973d ago

BINGO! He DOES like exactly like something out of Twilight! Don't anyone deny it!

Capcom are just cashing in to the trend of being really, gravely serious and having your lead character be a serious, troubled, trendy, "heart-throb". I mean c'mon people, stop just lapping up this sh!t.

thaking1551973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

@Wishing, I dunno about you I actually did enjoy the story from what we have gotten so far from the originals (Devil May Cry 1-4) although they maybe all over the place at times, I still enjoyed the games for its story and crazy gameplay mechanics.

This new game on the other hand is........ LAUGHABLE!

Whoever posted the video of EventStatus talking about everything DMC from its reveal up to this point is brought up and he makes some amazing points that alot of people who do not like the game have been saying. Here's the link:

ZombieNinjaPanda1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )


No, Capcom is not cashing out on a trend. It's the head of Ninja Theory, Tameen being a jackass. He has stated many times before he doesn't care about the fans, and he's essentially turned the series into his own "thing". Essentially this guy thinks anything that is British Punk, smokes, and acts like a jerk to everything is the definition of cool. He's the same person that had a character randomly push another off a ledge in Enslaved because it made the character seem "Bad ass".

Hopefully this DmC: Devil May Cry title (DMC: DMC? lolwut) will sell like shit. Ninja Theory deserves nothin for ruining a series.

Sarcasm1973d ago

ZombieNinja, good points.

Tameen really don't know how to make extraordinary games. I mean Heavenly Sword was good not great, Enslaved was good, not great. I'm pretty sure this new DMC won't be any different.

Omnislash1973d ago


YES!! I thought for a second that I was the only one that thought Donte looked like a twilight character!

You just cant do that to series like that, what if someone suddenly changed Master Chief? Changed Kratos or Solid Snake? A long running series needs different gameplay changes that fans want not what the devs want.

Im definitely NOT buying this and I will encourage everyone else to stay away from this game, what Capcom and NT are doing is a damn shame...

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Qrphe1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

> Dante is a lot cuter in this one
> a lot cuter
> in this one
> Donte

Yeah nah Dante is much better looking man than Donte.

I'll probably buy Tameem May Cry way later after its release though.

Snookies121974d ago

Lol! Those pictures... Gotta agree though, this new Dante looks much worse than the original. Just because the game has a "gothic" feel doesn't mean we need an emo main character. :\

Bimkoblerutso1973d ago

This comment is very telling of the actual issue here, methinks, not that anyone would ever admit it.

The game could genuinely be the best in the series (not that I'm saying it will be, just theoretically), and yet it would amount to nothing next to the rage that Tameem and Co. stirred up in the fans prior to the it's release.

rezzah1973d ago

There are many who mix the gothic for emo social category.

In this case do you think NT did the same thing?

It'd be really funny is they did, and kind of sad.

Blaze9291973d ago

I stopped reading after cuter

HammadTheBeast1973d ago

$20 says "she's" a guy lol.

edgeofsins1973d ago

If people are stating that DMC is about hack and slash gameplay then why are they complaining about the new one?

8bitHero1973d ago

i believe is b/c this game is more slow paced. personally im against this game because the lead designer made dante look like his definition of "cool" which just so happens to look exactly like him.(lulwut? conceded much?) and ive seen in interviews where ninja theory constantly bashes fans for giving legit complaints and brushing them off as "people complaining about the hair". thats not how you sell a game nor treat people when your in a professional business.

they should all get fired.

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teezanpleez1974d ago

lol !!! dont have anything to say sorry .....

darklinx231974d ago

Bah at the end of the day Dante will still be freakin crazy usual..

djslimzz1974d ago

Yes he will! And at the end of the day, we will slay all of the demons until every single once of blood has spilled on our blades!

Jon_Fu_1974d ago

I'm buying the game regardless

candybooty1974d ago

Good job pointing out the obvious. Clearly we know what a demo is and rarely do final products differ so greatly from the demo, especially when a released date is in the midst.

Developers usually send a demo knowing very well that such a particular level is supposed to demonstrate the top of the game's quality and effectively promote the game saying "this is how awesome our game is". Yeah in a perfect world we would be floored when we see the final product, but get real, as a "journalist" you shouldn't be so naive to think that the big companies are gonna throw months of work out the window. The box art has been designed, the advertisers have reserved their airing times and for all we know the story of the game's next installment is already in the works.

No sh*t Capcom is going to retweet only the positive tweets, who in their right mind would retweet bad press?? And yes the developers see the bad tweets but it isn't stopping them, and it never has.